Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Power hungry

So Heroes has started again.
I know it's restart was highly anticipated, and we are a few episode's in, now. What do you all think of the new plotline? I read today that they are actually going to do a wee spinoff called "Heroes, Origins" for 6 episodes in April/May. (Isn't that the time the TV industry calls "Sweeps?". Hmmmmmm.) They'd better be careful, they may saturate their audience with all things Heroes and cause Heroes burnout.
MM and I were watching Heroes last night, (Hi, MM, and MM's sister! Really, I am going to have to start calling her something nice and friendly here, not just MM's sister. Perhaps if she reads this she'll comment and leave me a suggestion. . . MM seems perfectly happy with his name. Aren't you?)
oh where was I now.
Yes, watching Heroes, with MM. And we had the conversation of who's powers would we like most to have?
Now, I had to consider my options here. I ruled out Claire immediately. I don't want to be able to painfully destroy my body then regenerate. That doesn't look fun. I also rejected Peter's powers, because, well, if I could absorb everyone else's powers I'd probably be hell to live with, because I'd be doing things to people all the time.
It would be cool to do what DL used to do, go through solid objects. But, really, how far would that take me? He is dead now, after all.
Hiro's, now. That one I seriously considered. I'd love to be able to manipulate the space-time continuum. My problem, though, is what Hiro is kind of facing, now. I'd go back and alter history. Worse? I'd do it on purpose. I'd kill Hitler in his youth, and do other things that would change the world, and maybe not for the better. Nope, better pass on that.
I also don't want to fly, I don't want to hear other people's thoughts, (that has potential for lots of hurt feelings and anger on the listeners part) and I don't want to locate people either. (usually, I want to avoid them. But if I knew where they were, hmmm. Wait, may have to reconsider that one.)
Who's powers I chose were Niki's.
Yes, I know, she's strange. But I like her super-human strength. I'd be able to open every jar I got stuck on, and win lots of arm wrestling competitions!
No, seriously. Despite her other personality thing (and I don't have a dead sister to name mine after) I think having super strength is a good power. If you can muscle your way through things, you can get away from anyone. You can throw them, shove them, kill them, block doors. The things I'd be able to do, countless. So, I chose Niki.
MM chose Peter Petrelli's powers. He likes the idea of being able to do it all. He was especially sure to mention that he'd like to be Peter AFTER he was around Micah, so that he'd absorb Micah's ability to talk to electrical devices, and gain control of them. (He's a 'technopath'.). Since MM's line of work involves electrical devices, this makes perfect sense to me.
So, how about all of you out there? What super power would you like to have. If you don't watch Heroes, you can still answer this. Just pick a super power that floats your boat, and tell me in my comments.


Mimi said...

I don't actually watch Heros, I just sit on the couch and read while Dh watches it.

Anyway, if I could have a superpower, it would be Samantha's ability to wrinkle her nose and have the house clean. Either that, or the ability to get from point A to point B instantly.

CamiKaos said...

heroes! oh heroes... how do I love the? let me count the ways.

There are too many.

I think telekinesis wouldn't be bad. I think I would have liked to have Linderman's power. Or even Mohinders. That begs a question, do you think his is a power? His body naturally produces the antibodies to a horrible disease that could remove our ability to evolve as a species... I think that is pretty special.

I would love 1 part of Hiro's power. The ability to "teleport" almost... but not his ability to travel in time. Some things I think are not to be messed with.

What do you think Micah's grandmothers power will be? You know Nichelle Nichols will have a power... wait that was her right?

mielikki said...

yes, that was her, CK. MM and I were wondering if Shatner was going to come out, next.
Micah's granny is probably going to have the most awesome of powers of all.
I am not sure I'd call Mohinder's gift a power. Though it is just as important, I agree. It is very hard to pick, isn't it?

sybil law said...

Mmmm, I only partly watch that show. But I'd probably go with the guy who can absorb all the other ones, like MM. I mean -yeah. I am greedy like that.

Rachel said...

I cannot remember her name, but she was killed in the last episode by Sylar.

She is the one that can alter her appearance and her surroundings.

I think it would be pretty cool to have my own virtual reality.

Can you imagine how much $$ you could make with that talent?

Or the talent of a girl last season where she could tell people what to do and they did it.

MM said...

Rachel- that's Candice and she was killed this last episode.

My question was this, what does Sylar do with the brains after he removes them from the heroes? Does he eat them? Does he rub them on his body and gain the powers through osmosis? Hmmm..