Monday, October 29, 2007

sense and sensibility?

There is this new, quirky show on television, called Pushing Daisies.
A pie maker can bring people back to life with the touch of his hand. But, he has to put them back into death in 60 seconds, or another soul of equal or greater value will be taken instead.
Pie maker met girl though.
Dead girl.
and another soul paid.
However, now, the next time he touches her? She goes back to death.
Thus, a dilemma.
He loves her. She loves him.
They can't touch each other.
He can't reach out, and brush her hair back from her face.
She can't hold his hand, rub his neck, or even kiss his ears.
No contact. None.
And its not just her. He couldn't pet his dog when he was a boy, either. Same principal. The dog had passed, but he "revived" it, and then could never touch it again.
Out of all the five senses we have, touch is so important.
I love human touch. Just walking by someone, and touching them, lightly. To let them know you care, to tease them, to smack them when they are being rude. To tickle them when they need tickling. (and who doesn't?)
I think I would die if I couldn't touch. I know I would. I'd rather be deaf, or blind, or never smell again than lose the ability to touch, or feel. The thought of it just makes me shiver with the feelings of loss.
In the last episode I saw of the TV show, they'd figured out a way around it, a little. Bee keeper suits. But is that really touching, and feeling?
They had to kiss through a saran wrap barrier. I hate saran wrap. That would NEVER work for me.
And, heaven forbid. Sex.
would a condom be enough? and no touching?
No way in hell.
So, is their relationship doomed? Or can their love survive the loss of touch.
oh, it makes me sad to even consider. Thank goodness it isn't real life.
So, how about you all out there. 5 senses. Hearing, vision, smell touch and taste.
If you had to lose one, which would it be?
And if you couldn't touch the one you loved, what would you do?
I would die. Not by suicide, but by the sheer loss of it.
And the sense I would lose, if I had to choose?
Smell. I'd miss it, sure. But hey, I'm a nurse. I could use a little less sense of smell.


CamiKaos said...

I would probably, as sad as it is, be most willing to lose my sense of taste.

and If I couldn't touch Mike, or K for that matter I would die of a broken heart.

It's a great show though.. i really like it, sadly i missed the last episode.

Lori said...

I agree that I'd lose taste or smell. Actually, I'm sure I could get by without any of the other senses, but no without touch.

Mimi said...

I'd also prefer to lose taste or smell over touch and especially not sight or sound.

sybil law said...

I would go for loss of smell. It would suck, eating after that, though. But still - of all the others, I could go without smell.
Thinking of the others makes me ill.

Jamie said...

I think I'd go for losing my sense of taste. I'd die if I lost my sense of touch. And I can't bear the thought of being deaf or blind. In college I knew a guy who lost his sense of smell because of cancer. He lost the sense of taste with it. So if I'd lose taste anyway, then I might as well give it up and at least still be able to smell.

Unknown said...

I'd opt for the loss of taste as well, given the choice. On the plus side, it would make eating asparagus much easier.