Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Costume, anyone?

Yesterday afternoon I picked up the phone to check in with middle sister. We'd been playing phone tag with each other for the last few days, and it was my turn to be "it".
Huey answered the phone, and informed me that she wasn't home, but would be soon. I told him I would call back, and he answered "okay, but wanna know what?". This is his code for I want to talk to you on the phone.
Dutifully, I ask, "what?". Huey is going to be eight, soon, but he still hasn't mastered the art of speaking on the phone. He goes really really fast, like the phone company is going to charge them for every nano-second he is on the phone. I got some of what he was saying. It was about droids. 2 of them. In a window. And he either wanted to be a droid, or wanted one of his own. Then, there will be three droids.
So, I ask "are you going to be a droid for Halloween?" and he says "no" and proceeds to tell me he's going to be a "clone trooper" for Halloween. "A Clone Trooper?" I repeat. "Yeah" he says. And Dewey is going to be a cowboy, and Louie is going to be a pumpkin.
OOOOK. So. My sister has her hands full, for sure. Today I am going to call and find out who the droids are, and how she's going to make Huey into a "clone trooper".
I remember, when we were kids, my Mom could, and did, buy our costumes in a box at the grocery store. She was working, and not exactly the creative type. I was Raggedy Ann, once, and, one memorable year, I got to be
wait for it, wait for it
Marie Osmond. Yep. Plastic mask and all. Big teethed grin and everything. Remember those plastic masks with the rubber band that held it onto your head that would pull out all your hair? Remember not being able to see, or breathe in it? I do. And the plastic dress that came with Marie was terrible. My mom is looking for the picture so I can show you all. Now, she denies it of course. "I don't remember you being Marie Osmond". It's because SHE didn't have to wear it.
As I got older, things got better. She had a friend who was a dance teacher who had LOTS of costumes she used to lend us. Minnie Mouse came home, a ballerina (I was 10 for that one.). One year I was a pantomime artist. That was fun, I didn't talk all day. The best thing about that was NO PLASTIC MASK.
So, how about you guys? Tell the tale of your most memorable Halloween costume. You can tell it here, or at your own blog. Toss up a picture, I dare ya.
If my Mom ever un-earths Marie Osmond, I'll post it. Because its funny.


Mimi said...

Bwhahaahahahhaahhaa, Marie Osmond. Giggle.

I was a Harem Girl once, that was cold. And, my favorite was when I was Shirley Temple (you know, because I look so much like her :) ) and Dorothy.

CamiKaos said...

I can't think of any costume I hated. I love halloween so much.

I am waiting for my halloween costume for this year to get here! Today or tomorrow and I'll be sitting vampy

MM said...

I went as the Ghost of Elvis, white sheet with the eyes cut out, a pompador wig on top of that and a blue Hawaiian shirt from the 70's. That was self inflicted. My favorite child hood costume was my robot, dryer hose on my arms, a cardboard box body and aluminum foil on my head with an Alfalfa point on top. I still wear the aluminum helmets...

mielikki said...

Mimi: I can totally see you as Shirley Temple!
CK- your Mom probably made cool costumes, because, well, she knows how to work a needle and thread. . .
MM- hmmm. maybe you should bring the aluminum helmet over some time, (and the pompadour wig ;)
LOL. self inflicted. I like that.

sybil law said...

I think I already told you about my "mommy's little sugar" costume, right?!
Thanks for letting me relive that abuse.
No idea what pictures are around, Halloween-wise... I wish I could find some!!! Dammit!
But you SO need to post Marie Osmond.

Jamie said...

My best costume ever was the year I went as a computer for halloween. This was mid to late 80s, so this was a rather original idea then. My dad was a computer operator at the bank, so when we went to the bank party I took my dad as my operator. I won an award.
The worst costume I can remember was the year that I went as a clown and my mom pinned balloons all over my outfit. She pinned one so that I had to pull it through my legs every time I sat down or I'd sit on it.
It's interesting that you didn't like the store bought costumes since I was always jealous of the kids who got them.

Lori said...

I can't even believe they MADE a Marie Osmond costume! My worst was a hobo! Why would my mom dress me as a hobo? I had a stick and everything. It was awful!

mielikki said...

Syb: awww you so sweeeeeeet!

Jamie: Oh those pesky balloons. I'd have just popped the sucker and been done with it. The computer sounds cool, though

lori- well, what can I say. "The Donny and Marie Show" was in full swing, and I bet there were some little boys out there dressed as Donny, too. I just didn't see any.

Anonymous said...

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