Thursday, August 2, 2007

junk food junkies

Its been a long time since I went into the wierd news catagory. Today's stories involve animals.

I've been hearing, for the last three weeks or so, about this odd little seagull in Scotland who goes to the same store every day, and nabs a bag of chips. I'm thinking this seagull is not long for this world, based on salt intake, alone! And you know, the store has gotten quite a large amount of noteriety, and advertisement from this seagull. They should put out a healthy snack for the poor thing. Instead of chips. And apparently, this seagull grabs the same brand, every time. For the record, I've never liked Seagulls. Flying Rats is all they really are. They also have good aim. . .

Not to be outdone, in Helsinki Finland, there is a store who has a squirrel come visit. The squirrel has good taste. He steals chocolate. Not just any chocolate, but "Kinder Chocolate". It apparently comes with a toy for the kids. He unwraps, then eats the bar in the store, then runs away with the toy.

So the next time you walk into a store, be on the lookout. Word is spreading amongst our animal friends that it's ok for them to come in, and eat junk food. I'm sure Yogi and Boo Boo are at the Quicky Mart in Yellowstone as I type, looking for their Picanic.

On a more somber note. I have to say the bridge collapse in Minnesota is really quite a sad, tragic thing. It is just another thing that has me saying we should all go out, and live, appreciate life and our loved ones. Because you never really know what's going to happen. I am sure, all those people, in those cars, would have never guessed that their lives would end when the bridge underneath them collapsed.


Celtic Rose said...

Great, a bird with hypertension and wee swollen ankles!
Now the squirrel was much smarter by far! Wonder what he does with the toys . . .

Lauri Rantala said...

Yeah, that was a great story, only the squirrel was in the city of Jyväskylä, not Helsinki.

CamiKaos said...

we get that chocolate for K at the German Deli.

mielikki said...

CR: though strange, and sometimes yarn eaters, Squirrel's do, indeed, have good taste.

Lauri: I did notice that, on my second reading. Thanks for spelling it out for me! My mother's side of the family is Finnish, but I am hopeless at the language. Utterly hopeless. Your English is probably worlds ahead of my finnish. And your Squirrels have good taste in snacks.

CK: now your daughter has something in common with a finnish squirrel!

Mimi said...

While I love squirrels, they are just rats with cute fluffy tails.

I like seagulls just fine, except when they leave their calling card on my car.

sybil law said...

ALL birds are feathered rats with wings. And I would think a seagull gets a lot of salt, anyway - from the water he normally finds food in.
We fed a squirrel we named Nutnut for a while, but that bastard got fat and greedy fast. He'd literally go to our window and scratch at it until we gave him nuts. Every day - all day long. He'd peep in to see if he could see us and then he'd beg, or be so annoying we gave up/in.
Anyway, I think it would be funny to find the hole where the squirrel hid all the toys! Score!

Bubblewench said...

Hey there Syb - don't pick on my birds!!

My ex used to talk about his pet squirrels all the time. I think that may be part of why he's an ex.