Friday, August 3, 2007

Its a new day

Its Friday. I'm glad.
Thursday kind of sucked. It was one of those days where things just felt, well. Wrong. I didn't like yesterday at all.
It all started in the morning. I went to run the fruit peelings in my garbage disposal, and without my knowing it, one of my cats had knocked my favorite Celtic Knot clip into the garbage disposal, from the counter. It WAS a beautiful clip. Sigh. It can be replaced.
Then, there is blogger. It won't let me take that empty poll down, it won't let me fill the poll in. So get used to that big white blob.
It was hot and sticky yesterday, and my air conditioner was having trouble keeping up.
Then I got an e mail from newman, he couldn't make our plans to go to the farmers market, he'd had to get up 0300 for work, and was just too tired.
yesterday sucked. End of whiny blog. It's a new day. It's Friday. Newman will come to dinner tomorrow night. I will order a new hair clip today. Blogger will fix the poll thing, eventually, right? Since I can't make you people vote for the grill name, I am actually going to go with NanaK's. Because I like the way her mind thinks. So the grill will be Peter. Peter Parker, aka Spidey. (cause its a Weber, get it?). Though I also really liked Ken the Barbieque. Just because the thought of grilling Barbie is almost irresistable.
As far as the hot, muggy, August heat. My air conditioner is doing quite well today, thank you.


CamiKaos said...

what a crap day you had!!

Bubblewench said...

hell of a crappy day... but I like Peter...

sybil law said...

Peter is good. We spend our days at the pool in August - otherwise, I'd melt.
Today will be a much, much better day!