Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm home

And it was an excellent long weekend.
I got to hang out with some of my favorite people, including the fur people
I got to sleep in the cupboard below the stairs!
I got many really good blendy and tiki drinks (Apple Bombs and Fuzzy Navel Margarita's ROCK)
I drank some really good wine
I ate some really good food
I went to a zoo
I now have a five year old life coach
Said life coach beat me at Wii bowling, and got a new personal record (It Was Awesome)
I stayed up late every night
And I get to go back in March. And my life coach? She says I have to stay FIVE days next time.
I hope the Kaos household can put up with me for that long!
Now I am tired.
Oh. Newman's new blog moniker? I thought of it as I was driving home today. "Mustang Man". Or MM for short. He's in the process of restoring one at the moment. I love mustangs. So this works for me.


CamiKaos said...

hooray, MM has a new name. What a delightful end to your trip... and I took a nap after you left while K watched Sesame street so I think she will be easy to get to sleep early tonight.

Hooray all around!

NanaKaos said...

I will see you in March, whether we stay in the same house or not remains to be seen. The house people postponed until Thursday afternoon. Now we have to do all that work again. I'm looking forward to having a co-baker for the anual fantastaic birthday cake creation K and I do every year. We should all have a good time. NanaKaos

mielikki said...

NK-I have my fingers crossed about you and DK being able to finally be free to move closer to the Kaos' and Xithor clan.
Looking forward to March, as well. And I KNOW K is, too!
Wonderland, here we come.

Bubblewench said...

Hello? What Am I chopped liver??? I want to be there in March too! We'll stay at the B&B again!

Gald you had a good time! Pictures?

Bubblewench said...

OH! like MM. Works.

David in DC said...

Welcome back!

Mimi said...

Welcome back! I like MM and am glad you had a fabulous time.

Now, in March, time to zip my way??????

mielikki said...

BW- how much fun would it be if you were there in March! Pictures will be up on facebook soon.

Mimi- If its in any way possible, I will try to get up to where you are. We will explore this topic more. I still have to sign up at work to have that week off.

DiDC- thanks!

Mimi said...

Eeeek - yay

sybil law said...

Oh screw ALL you peoples! I want to go, too!!! WAH. :P

mielikki said...

I bet Gilda would have a FABULOUS time at K's Alice in Wonderland B-day extraveganza. We can take over the whole floor of a nearby hotel-motel and just have waaaaaaaay too much fun. I don't know that Portland would survive it. . .

Bubblewench said...

OH! Syb& Gilda too? We can take over the WHOLE B&B... mimi - come to US!!

Mimi said...

Oh, true, that works!