Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Damn, hate it when that happens

So I was happily playing Kingdom of Loathing, and I figured out that if I let my character eat and drink I'd get some more adventures. See, I was getting my ass kicked by these guys, trying to get car parts from them. I've gotten beaten up so many times.
Well I went back and ate and drank a few times, then it started telling me I was too full to eat. So I did what any responsible Turtle Tamer would do. I drank. I had a couple screwdrivers, and something called a 'slip and slide' a few times. Girly fruity drinks they call them. Gave me lots of adventures.
BUT. Now my turtle tamer is falling down drunk. And when it goes on an adventure it tries to seduce people. And then it fell into the gutter.
AHHHHHH. I love this game!
oh. And my animal 'familiar'? A mosquito. It's gaining weight rapidly, too. It weighs 7 pounds at the moment. His name is Tapio. (Tapio is the consort of Mielikki, the forest goddess.) I figured it fit well. What else could I name a 7 pound mosquito?


CamiKaos said...

obviously the turtle tamer needed food and drink, what you think just because a person is fictional you and deny her sustenance?

Bubblewench said...

are you sure you aren't dreaming of what you're going to be doing this weekend? Falling down drunk? With a turtle? and a Tiki God?