Saturday, August 18, 2007

Here I sit, Dog-gone it!

This is Fancy. . .
Not much going on. Getting ready for my trip to Portland!
Newman was supposed to come to dinner last night, but he fell ill from eating "cardboard pizza" at lunch. So, we have rescheduled for tonight. All is well.
Today seems to be a day for the people of my neighborhood to let their dogs run for freedom, though.
I got up early this morning to the mournful voice of someone hollering for "Peanut" up and down the street. I hope he wasn't turned into Peanut-butter.
A little bit later, I heard a voice hollering for Nathan. However. Nathan could well be a child. (I really hope he wasn't turned into Nathan-butter. I'd think I'd have heard it if he was.)
Then, right after that, was a very effeminate male voice calling for 'Marshmallow'. And yes, a dog did come running. Sigh. ( I suppose he could have been made into fluff? Then, there would have been some street fluffer-nutter. Eeew)
Though I suppose, the few dogs we ever had when I was a kid didn't get named much better. Lets see. Gidget, Onery (I am not to blame for those, they were in the family before I was. Yappy stinkin' poodles). Uhm. We had a Samoyed for about 5 weeks once, Maruschka. But Mom gave her away due to the fact that she was chewing everything in sight. Another dog did not make its way into the household until many many many years later. A pekingnese named Fancy. But, other people named her. And, Fancy suited her. She was sweet to people she knew, but mean and bitchy to those she didn't know. She died this year, it about broke Dad's heart. We do get attached to our pets, don't we?


sybil law said...

Yes, we do. I was thinking more along the lines of crunchy peanut butter. Ew.
Sounds more like some prankster went around, opening up gates. Or just really stupid people live near you.

Bubblewench said...

Yes. Pets are people too!

street fluffer-nutter - can i spit more soda out my nose please?

Syb - bet you a zillion marbles that the people are stupid. Most of us are.

mielikki said...

the people are very stupid around me. . . sigh. This small town is not one that bred genius' by any means.

Moonbeam said...

I think of my dog Heidi as my "fur person". Yep, its so easy to get attached.

They seem to connect to you in such a way that they can actually read your mind sometimes. Yikes...I better stop thinkin' :)

Travis Erwin said...

My brother once named a dog of ours Dokken after the 80's heavy metal band, Both the dog and my brother were idiots.