Friday, August 10, 2007

how far can you jump?

Our small town, small county fair is going on this weekend over at the local fairgrounds.
I won't be going, because, frankly, compared with what I grew up with, this fair just isn't that much fun.
Oh, they have the usual things, all the fried food, the rickety rides that look like they will fall apart in a stiff wind, the carnival games, all the kids with their 4H animals, who try to tell you they are not attached to them, then cry when the animal is sold to slaughter. (Some of them do ok, though). They have all the booths with the contests, photography, quilting, jelly, ect. ect.
I do like all of that, and will usually shuffle through. Especially the photography section.
But, what I miss, and just is never the same, is this.
I grew up in Calaveras County.
That may not mean much to most of you out there, but maybe, just maybe, some of you will recall that Mark Twain once wrote a story about my County, "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County".
In honor of that, our county fair was lovingly referred to as "Frog Jump".
Frog jump runs every May, usually the third week, from Wed-Sunday. Every day, fine people get out there with every kind of frog there is, and the contest is on, to see which frog can jump the farthest. They have catagories for kids, and adults alike. The whole thing is frog oriented. The town closest to the fairgrounds, Angels Camp, even has frogs painted on the sidewalks. Saturday night there is always a concert, Sunday night is ALWAYS the destruction derby (my favorite night.). There are rodeo events all weekend, as well. But the frogs? Those are the main attraction.
And even now, when I have not been to a Frog Jump in over 10 years. I still miss the frogs when I go to any other fair. Its just not the same.


CamiKaos said...

that is very twistedly sweet.

Bubblewench said...

i loved that story when i was a kid.. to have seen it in person? And grew up there? I'm jealous.

sybil law said...

So do they serve frog legs at Frog Jump?!
That is an aweome fair!!!

mielikki said...

CK- it is twisted, but yet, there it is. I miss the frogs. Who knew?

BW- I'm glad at least one person knew the story. I also really liked it. Maybe, someday, I'll take you to Angels Camp. You'd love it.

Syb- no, the frogs are for jumping, not eating. It is a fun fair. But after dark, when the kids and frogs have gone home, or away? It's a big drunk fest.

Mimi said...

You can't explain it to someone who didn't grow up with it, you know?