Monday, April 23, 2007

Watching paint dry

Watching the cement harden. Watching the water boil. What to these things have in common? They are mundane, boring things we probably send children to do when we want them out of our hair. Yesterday, I was watching the food network. I frequent this channel, Alton Brown is one of my favorite people ever. However, I hate Rachael Ray. She really bugs me.
Anyhow. I caught the tail end of their first "awards show." Portland, Oregon won for city with the best food, btw. Go Portland. And the Phillie's stadium won for the best ballpark food. Go Phillies. I hate the name of your ballpark, but that is another blog alltogether.
After the show ended, I was sitting at my computer nattering on about something, so the TV stayed where it was. Giada came on. She bothers me a bit, too, but I can ignore her perkiness. However, whatever show this was, had a full segment on barista's, and the art of making a latte. It seems the latest latte craze is that when you finish pouring the milk into the expresso, you jiggle the cup, and make a design in the top. Some guy even made an elephant.
Do we really need designs on top of our coffee?
Yes, this is coming from the girl who is pleased when the bartender puts a shamrock in the foam of my dark beer, but I maintain that thats different. The foam on my beer is asking for it. Its an irish beer, for crying out loud. Did the latte ask for an elephant? What would happen if he put an elephant on top of a full figured woman's latte?
As I continued to watch this, it evolved into the filming of a barista competition for the best design. Someone won 1,000.00 for a rosette on the top of a latte.
So, if I ever need something to do, I don't have to watch the paint dry, the cement harden, or even the water boiling. I can go out and find a latte artist.


CamiKaos said...

latte artist my ass. Let me tell you it doesn't taste any better with a heart or a rose or an elephant on top.

But, yet another item on the list of reasons to come to Portland.

1) meet your niece
2) see your cousin
3) tiki party WOOOO HOOO
4) Portland food ROCKS, and you can go to almost any eatery in jeans a tank top and a pair of flip flops if you feel you must... the Mr Kaos really frowns upon flip flops in dining establishments.

sybil law said...

Ewww I don't really want to see people's feet in flip flops when I am eating, either.
But the whole latte craze is so stupid to me, anyway. People really are sheep.

kaliulka said...

very cool insights re: comments---very cool and well written observations, M. Not to wax too political here (forshadowing)while the new&improved Roman empire burns out we will as a culture seem to invent sillier and more banal diversions, as in your latte designs. My motto: "live furgally, yet elegantly." Give me a good strong organic free-trade French Roast in a coffee cup from the thrift store. Yet I do use froo-froo German tres expensive skin care products--oh the contradictions of our culture. Again, enjoyed this posting...

CamiKaos said...

where's your blog kali? we're keeping an eye out for it...

Celtic Rose said...

Here Here, I second the motion, the goddess Kaliulka needs to have a blog!!!!!

sybil law said...

I third that thought - come on, Kaliulka!!!!!!

mielikki said...

Next time Celtic Rose or I see her at work, we will put the heat to Miss Kali to start her stinkin blog!

Bubblewench said...

Ok. First, I love latte's. Ask CK. She knows. but I need the freakin coffee not the stupid design. You don't impress me with a freakin rose or elephant or copy of a davinci! You impress me with the flavor balanced between the coffee and foam.

OH - and I have to say Go Phillies! I hate baseball but I do love going to that park to eat! I am glad to the world knows they feed us well at THE STADIUM. I will not say the name because, well, you hate it.

You should show up in portland towards the end of May beginning of June, when oh, we happen to be there too? FUN!!