Friday, April 27, 2007

Psychic's and Ferrets, what more could you want?

I hate to keep picking on BW's neck of the woods, but lately, things are happening in the Philly area. I read an article in the news today that there has been a law on the books for thirty years that bans Fortune Telling in Philadelphia. No Psychic's, No Tarot cards, nothing. Apparently, this law was just re discovered, and so, Philly's finest are running around town, shutting down all the places in town that offer such services.
I have a few questions. Shouldn't any psychic worth their salt have "seen" this coming? Who made the thrilling discovery that this law passed 30 years ago, and why is it so important to uphold it now? Did the police commissioner get a bad reading, or something? Are the psychic's of Philly going to unite, and curse the baseball team? (Uh, wait, that might have already happened. . .).
I have never personally sat down for a psychic reading of any sort, and I really don't plan on it. A foreign exchange student from Italy "read" my palm, once, and told me I was going to die in a car crash before the age of 30, unless I only drove in a blue and yellow car. Oh, and that I would never find love. I am 37 and I drive my red SUV with glee, and I have found love. (It went away, but it was love. Sigh.)I think she was angry because the Belgian foreign exchange student was flirting with me. But I digress. Psychic's, love them, hate them, or indifferent? And, now what are the unemployed Psychic's of Philly supposed to do with themselves? So, BW, next time your out driving around, if you pass any homeless psychic's that are holding signs that say "will read Tarot for food", let me know will ya?
Oh, and I can pick on California, too. Did you fine people know it's illegal to own a ferret in this state? Celtic Rose and I want to start a "legalize Ferret's" campaign. You can own a snake, or a spider, hell, you can even go leap frog's in a competition, but one little ferret will land you in jail. Unfair!


CamiKaos said...

yes, you are right, if they really are the all knowing all seeing psychic maybe they should have given the psychic community a heads up... BW, better hide your tarot deck before some one makes and anonymous call.

Ring ring. She has a tarot deck and a hubby who hates chunky sauce... haul her ass in and deport her to Oregon.

Ferrets are illegal in Cali. funny.

sybil law said...

Psychics suck. Just a prey on the masses of stupid people (like Jerry Springer).
Ferrets are so gross to me. They are like long rats. Yech.
But, California sucks. Hmmm.
Haha - I am in a mood. A mouthy mood. :)

mielikki said...

So what doesn't suck today, Sybil! LOL. I will agree that PARTS of California do suck, they suck out loud. But, the more north you go, the more beautiful and un-sucky they get. I like mouthy women, all my friends are mouthy. Meekness is for the weak. So go on with your mouthy self!

CamiKaos said...

do you know why the further north you go in Cali the better it gets? Cause you are getting closer to Oregon and Oregon does not suck. sheesh.

mielikki said...

LOL oh Cami. I have no words. I still maintain that there are area's of Cali that don't suck, and yes, they are rather close to Oregon. . .

Bubblewench said...

You people are too funny. M - you know more about what the hell is going on around here then I do!

I have met very few people that I would even tell I have a deck. It's sad. The one woman who knew asked me for a reading almost every week, and she had bad ju ju... and we had a falling out and don't speak any more and never will.

I'm very curious about this law.. When I was 17 or 18 (19-20 years ago), I had my tea leaves read by a famous psychic at the Copper Penny in Philadelphia, she was a star. On the news, did fortunes for the rich and famous, blah blah blah.. spurned numerous tarot and psychic shops all over the city.

So if the law was passed 30 years ago, and this psychic rebirth I lived through was say 20 years ago, why was this law passed?

OOOOOH!!! You people forget. Those dirty hippies in the 70's... THAT'S WHY!

Bubblewench said...

PS. I WISH someone would deport me already.

mielikki said...

I have no clue why they passed the silly law. I think its very odd that NOW is when they decided to reinforce it. I just happened to catch the article under "peculiar postings".