Thursday, April 5, 2007

homesick for Paris

Two years ago, I went to Paris. My friend Nancy, whom I have known since 1979 went with me. It took us two years to plan and save the money to go (Europe is expensive, people...). But we spent 9 glorious days over there. We went everywhere! Our hotel was within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower,(we refer to that now as our own, personal, landmark). We took 2 day trips, one out to Versailles, and another to Normandy. And the people? Fabulous. Not a snub was received. We got along with all of them. I think it was because we are fearless, and we showed major appreciation for their city. And, we went at the beginning of tourist season. They weren't sick of us, yet.
The Louvre was amazing, and the Tuileries? Never have I seen such a beautiful garden. The tulip's in France are huge, beautiful flowers. Makes our tulips look anemic. Notre Dame was one of my favorite places, impossible to describe. The Champs Elysee? Very expensive.
Paris stole a part of my heart. I was ready to come home when I did, missed my little town. But I dreamt of the streets of Paris for over a month after I came home. I still have dreams about Paris, frequently. And I miss it. I want to go back. All by myself, and just soak it all in again.


Mimi said...

I've never been! I'm so jealous! And, did you use your French? Say hi to Nancy!

mielikki said...

my french was pitiful, but I made an attempt. If you ever can go, do it. and I am sure Nancy will say hello back!

Bubblewench said...

I have never been. SOunds so wonderful though.