Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One Ringy Dingy

Yesterday, we were sitting in the report room, waiting for our beloved overview on the patients we would have the pain-er, pleasure of caring for during the night. Suddenly, amidst my eye rolling at Amaretto Nurses tales of her "baby" (an unfortunate yellow lab puppy she's named 'katie') a cell phone goes off. Tinkly, ballerina in the jewelry box music. Instantly, we knew to whom the cell phone belongs to. A very sweet, perhaps, not jaded enough day shift nurse who always has a pat on the back and kind word for anyone. (And I do mean anyone.) This got us to discussing the choices that people make for their cell phones. What do they say about us? (Those of us that have them.)
If, say, we all lived close enough to do this, what I would love to do is toss all our phones in a bag, then have people call them, to see if we could pick out who's phone goes to who just by the ring tone. Sadly, we don't live close enough to play that game. My cell plays the theme from Hawaii 5-0 at the moment, because I was longing for summer. Usually, I have it set to play the theme from the Pink Panther. I know that Celtic Rose has hers set to play different tones depending on who is calling her. (OOOOH, Fancy.). Do our ringtones give a fair representation of who we are?
On a different note. If I have one more person ask me for their "pain shot" I may go stark raving ballistic. Enough said. . .sigh. Thank God today was my Friday, and finally FINALLY I have a nice stretch of days off. Celtic Rose will be returning to Podunk Memorial on Thursday night, though, and I know she will keep me posted on the current misery residing there.


CamiKaos said...

hooray for Friday!!!! My phone just rings...

Celtic Rose said...

Sigh . . . yup, tomorrow I go back to work. Ah well, hopefully it will all go smoothly . . . Well a girl can dream can't she?

Bubblewench said...

Ahh Rings.. I'm a junkie. I have various rings. Right now my main ring is Rocky, Gonna Fly Now.

Then I have my next backup ring is Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison Blues.

Then I have Grateful Dead, Dark Star.

Of course from about late September to early February, I do have Monday Night Football ringing.

When my mom calls it makes this very strange ring that I did not pick, and no one else has. So I always know when it is her.

It is almost time to find a new summer ring though.. what should it be....

sybil law said...

Dude - can I get a pain shot?
My cell phone ring is "Shattered" by the Stones. It used to be "I'm All Right" - mostly for the Caddyshack reference!
Yeah - maybe they do sorta represent me. Haha
Represent. Yo.