Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On Call Fairy

This is my On Call Fairy. She insisted that she be put here today, as well, especially, because I am on call. She is a kind fairy.
This all started as kind of a joke back and forth between me and Deb. When there aren't enough patients in the ICU, sometimes nurses get to stay home "on call" on their work nights. If there is a rush of patients, we get called in. (And make time and a half.) If we don't get called in, we still make a percentage of our pay. For staying home. Deb and I used to tease about the "On Call Fairy" being kind to one or the other of us. It evolved, and now we both have On Call Fairy's of our very own living in our houses. She doesn't ask for much, general bowing at her feet, the occasional feline sacrifice, and, apparently, to guest star in my blog. I don't want to piss her off, so here she is, in all of her glory.


Rachel said...

Your On Call Fairy is very lovely. I wish I could be on call sometimes.
My mom is an RNC certified in Oncology and Med-Surg.
Reading your stories are very fun to read.

mielikki said...

being on call is great sometimes, and this week is perfect timing for it! I'll bet your Mom has good stories, too.

CamiKaos said...

how's the on call fairy treating you now?

mielikki said...

she was good to me last night, I got to stay home. Truthfully, I can use the break, so I am asking for on call again tonight! Lets hope she's in a good mood. If not, then I am still grateful for last night.

Bubblewench said...

She is very beautiful

Celtic Rose said...

On call Fairies can be worth their weight in gold (althought is you ask one, they will lie about their weight). They are a crafty and resourceful creature, quick to anger and with a long memory. But they don't usually hold a grudge and are very loyal, providing you leave them offerings and gifts of cookies,choclate, and the occasional glass of ale or wine.