Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My dear goddess Kali

Start a blog! Come on, girl! Join the happy crowd! Look through all the lovely comments you have been leaving in my blog, and see that the people want to hear your voice! I have not seen you at Podunk Memorial this week, so I am putting the heat on you through my blog voice.
You are a funny, strong, independant woman with lots of great stories and opinions. Having a blog will be a great outlet for those stories and opinions. Som come on, please! Create your blog today. I promise I'll be your faithful reader and post lots of fun comments on yours. If you need help send me an email through my blog, and I will be happy to assist!
Your silly friend and co worker


CamiKaos said...

blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog bloggity blog... start a darn blog.

Celtic Rose said...

I agree, come on Kali . . . .
Come keep us company and entertained!
PLEASE?!I can't be the only one who arm was twisted by Mielikki.
And I too will be a faithful reader!

kaliulka said...

You all are bright, literate, and entertaining. Thank you for the support. You blankin' ROCK. Am doing a food-fest in PDX (voted on this blog as BEST FOOD) in a few weeks- what a coincidence---Portland people, cat lovers, and nurses! I'm in.

Anyone here have an occasional career crisis? Like it will be better at X hospital or Z hospital. yea sure. Want to stay and work it out. Intuition tells me to stay put and grow here. They have been pretty good to me and I have some buds on nocs. Smile.

You all have such courage! Blogging and empowering yourselves and each other and such. Great mentorship. And M.---child your IQ must have been pretty high as a kid.

Have been cutting down on hours at Podunk, M. Shite---can't splurge on Ebay so much.

This week am joinging the WIB (Women in Black) who dress in black and stand on busy street corners in silent attention and protest all of the dead in our recent folly we call a just war. Terrified as usual. Am such a kitten inside----roar like a paper tiger at work, though. Ha.

Isn't midlife ab-fab?

mielikki said...

So, does that mean your going to start your own blog? And of course you should stay at good old Podunk Memorial. Even though we bitch, we are (with the exception of AN) all family

CamiKaos said...

see that right there kali, would have made a lovely post...

Bubblewench said...

YEAH! Bring it on!! Kali, your comments alone could be a blog. DO IT! I'll read it too.

sybil law said...