Wednesday, April 11, 2007

CamiKaos interview

1. “I really wanted to ask you about the silverware drawer as well, but seeing that you have answered that: What do you think is your biggest quirk?”

Believe it or not, this was the hardest question for me to answer! My biggest quirk. I can think of so many. I make my cats wait, out of the kitchen, while I put the food in their bowls each morning. (I hate to be butted and crowded and ‘meowed’ at incessantly while they wait for their food.) If I make a simple mistake knitting, I can’t rest until I pull out the mistake, sometimes multiple rows. Even if its something small no one will probably see. Making a blanket for Grandma has been one of the seven circles of Hell, because she is such a long time knitter, she will be able to see any imperfection! Oh, I’m a procrastinator, is that a quirk? And I have to be the one to make the coffee at work, everyone else makes toxic coffee. But my biggest? Ever since my friend and I started writing a book together, the characters seem to “talk” to me. No I don’t hear voices nor do I need an institution, I just have these characters, in my head, and I know the story they want to tell. Strangely enough, so does my friend.

2. “You recently wrote a post about nursing, what was it that drove you to become a nurse?”

Harassment by my Mother, LOL. I had just come back to California, after my marriage went down the tubes, and that was so difficult. When I left him, I had no job skills, no money, (my parents flew me home) and I was living back in my parents house. It was an all time low for me, I felt. I am fiercely independent, and needed to regain my independence. It really stuck in my craw. I swore that I would find a way to ALWAYS be able to take care of myself, after feeling like that. I had originally wanted to be a teacher, but realized, sadly, that most teachers in this country can barely make ends meet. Its pathetic. My Mom was constantly reminding me about nursing, since that’s what both my sisters do. (Pecked at me incessantly.) So I looked into it, just to get her off my back, and decided I could try the nursing program, just to see if its something I could get into. To my shock, I loved it. And I am a teacher, in my own way, we teach our patients every day, and they teach us as well. So, thanks to incessant pecking by my Mom, I have a job that I love, and I am able to support myself.

3. “In your post, homesick for Paris, you touched on your love of travel, well I assume it is a love of travel since I know a bit more of your background than most, aside from Paris, where would you most like to go or go back to?”

Ok, for those of you not in the know. I spent four years in the Navy. For two of those years, I lived in Yokosuka, Japan. It was incredible. Then, I was assigned to a ship, and went out to the first Persian Gulf conflict, in the early 90's. On that ship, I saw Hawaii, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, The Phillipines, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, and some obscure port in Saudi Arabia that I always forget the name of. Jebal Ali, or some such thing. On to the question.
I am a travel freak. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would be on a plane the next day. I want to go everywhere! Back to Japan would be wonderful, someday. But my next big trip is to England, Ireland, and Scotland. Me and two friends are going in 2009. I am most exited to see parts of Cornwall and Wales, actually. Especially Cornwall. The trip is in its planning stages, and England is the country I am planning. (Deb is doing Ireland, Nancy Scotland). While I was doing my research I discovered how beautiful and nice Cornwall seems to be. Cute little villages, clean beaches, lots of history. I am also looking forward to a certain place in Ireland known for its brewing of lovely, dark beer. You can tour the plant, and drink. Oh, and I know Scotland is going to be lovely as well. All those kilts. Sigh. I could answer this question forever. I better stop.

4. “Why did you start your blog, and what do you think you are getting from it?”

I have made attempts through the years to keep a journal, so that when I am old and forgetful, I can look back and remember some of the detail of my life. It didn’t work so well for me. So, I started a blog mainly to see if I would keep up on it. What I have gotten from it, already, is a lot. My journal keeping was so inwardly focused, me me me, more boring me. The blog, it pulls in things everywhere. Odd things going on in the world, (like the Robert Smith/Cure thing), recipe’s, rants, I can toss in pictures. And it gets response from people. Positive, or negative feedback. Its cool. And years from now, when I go back to look, I can see not only me, but things that were happening around me, and the world. Its kind of like the voices that want me to tell their story. I “know” what my blog wants, in a strange way. It is the big picture, not a journal page. So, it broadened my horizons, in a strange way. Plus I can toss in really strange things I find, like the whales in Italy, or the porn star and her bleached butt.

5. “Is there a goal you have for yourself that you haven’t met, something you really feel would make life more complete for you and do you think its attainable?”

Hmm. A goal. I don’t know if I should call this a goal. My main goal, really, was to be self supporting, so that I would always be able to live on my own. I can do that, now. However, I really would like to find a man to share my life with. I say that, knowing that I run the risk of sounding like millions of single women everywhere. But it would be nice. However, I am not willing to settle for any man that just walks in the door. I have standards. I am often accused of being too picky (my Mom, again.). I need to have a genuine friendship with that person, trust, and companionship. Its not that easy to find. But, yes, its attainable. I am sure of it. When its supposed to be, it will. Meanwhile, I have fun looking. I have met some really nice men.

Ok, the rules:
1. If you want to be interviewed by me, (and I encourage perfect strangers to take me up on this, it will be fun) leave me a comment saying "Interview Me"
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