Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

I am mildly superstitious on Friday the 13th. I have had a car accident on this day, and other assorted junky things happen to me. I try to ignore this day. I am concerned, though, that I am working tonight. The potential for catastrophe is strong. If, by some chance, tonight is a full moon, I'll be screwed. Another thing? I am going to be working with two very unlikeable nurses. I love and respect almost everyone I work with. These two? Not so much. I plan on staking out a corner in the nurses station, and keeping my head down. I hope its a smooth night.
Yesterday, on the other hand, was great. I got a new tree, a 'red dragon' Japanese Maple. Small, suited for balcony living. My other tree needed a friend. I also found two beautiful silver and amythist rings. I couldn't decide which one to get, so, I got them both. Amythist is my birthstone, so I am entitled, right? Of course right. So, I am going off to nap now, in preparation for my Friday the 13th, in a small town ICU. Midnight can't come soon enough.
Meanwhile, if any of you readers feel like it, and want to give me something to read later while I am hiding in my corner, comment to me about your superstitions.


CamiKaos said...

you know what's funny. I am so. not. superstisious. I usually really like Friday the 13th's. Don't know why, but it is usually quite a good day for me.

Today though, bleh. I have a stupid bug, Mr. Kaos does too, K is having a difficult day (I think she is coming down with something, since Mr. and I sick, why not her too). We cancelled the babysitter and are going to stay home, make some pizza, cuddle and watch the new spongebob squarepants like good 13 fearing people might do.

sybil law said...

DAMN! I missed it! So how did the night go? Any crazy werewolve type people come into the ICU? At least a hairy knuckled guy?!
I would like to add you in my links, if you don't mind. I like reading your blog!
I am with Cami, though - I usually look forward to the 13th. I didn't even realize it was the 13th! Man, I am too too out of it...

mielikki said...

Sybil I would be happy to have you link to my blog, and I will of course reciprocate the link love. (Sounds kinky.) The night sucked. No hairy knuckled guys, just a bunch of overdose patients. Tylenol is the o/d of choice this week. But the amaretto nurse? I am plotting her death, and may blogvent about her later. . . sigh

sybil law said...

Well, you certainly have access to all the good drugs to take her out!

I think it's fun, getting kinky with you. Swapping links... hmm.. does sound sorta... sexual! Haha

Too bad on the uneventful (well, kinda) night. Please do write more about the biatch - it's fun to read about it!

But Tylenol? WTF?!

CamiKaos said...

DUDE. wouldn't oding on tylenol pretty much fuck your liver over completely!!

I vote for another blog about "an" (amaretto nurse)

mielikki said...

Yes, Tylenol really fucks your liver over. It is a very popular suicide drug. And Tylenol PM is even worse. The problem? Either these people change their mind, and come seek help, or their families find them, then we have to do all kinds of tortuous things to them trying to save their liver. Liver's are surprisingly resiliant, though.