Monday, December 1, 2008

weekend catch up, and a question answered

Ok so being the geek that I am, I totally had to google why Black Friday is known as black Friday. Here is what I came up with.
There is more than one explanation. One of them is that since everyone is shopping gleefully, many of the stores go from in the red (debt) to in the black (profit.). Therefore,'black Friday'.
And the other? It stems from Philadelphia, where it was first coined, in 1965. It originally was used by the Philly police department, because the opening of the Christmas shopping season created huge amounts of traffic jams, overcrowded sidewalks and mobbing in the downtown stores. The term started to get real use in the mid seventies, until it has now evolved into the familiar term we are all used to, now. Unfortunately, this past black Friday kind of made it worse. I think it is ridiculous, utterly maddening, and so very very sad that people are dying. I think all stores should CLOSE for black Friday. It is just waaaay too far out of hand. (Sorry Fairytales and Margarita's...).
So there you have black Friday.
I am now refreshed and recharged from my relaxing weekend. We had a great Thanksgiving, a nice, home cooked meal, with plenty of leftovers, then, Friday we spent the afternoon with some good friends partaking of THEIR leftovers. Saturday, we hung out, and went to see Twilight. I didn't hate the movie, but in my opinion it was very slow. And, the 'smouldering looks' that Edward was supposed to be giving Bella were pathetic. Sorry, had to be said. Mustang Girl agrees with me. We've both read the books, however, so we were bound to be disappointed.
Sunday, we cleaned house, and put up most of our Christmas decorations. We also had one of our friends drop by, so we foisted off some of OUR leftovers on him. (I am liking this exchange of leftovers thing.) I still have enough turkey here to make Turkey Noodle Soup for tomorrow, though.
I should also mention that Cheese went to his new home, and the change is very noticeable here. The energy level is more positive, calmer. Handling two dogs is much easier. The girls are very laid back. They looked for him just a few minutes, after I let them out that first morning. Now if everyone would send their good thoughts towards the Cheese. I think he is in for the more difficult adjustment. I do actually miss the boy, but he was too much....
So there you go. All caught up in my daily saga, AND now you know why Black Friday is Black Friday.


Mary said...

I had heard that Black Friday was called that because it puts the stores into the black, but never the Philly explanation.

I love Black Friday shopping, and I have been doing it for about 5 years now. What happened in New York is tragic, but is the opposite of what I normally experience. I avoid Best Buy, and similar electronics stores like the plague, but the stores I go to tend to be full of happy, helpful people.

This year, I was in the store, talking on my cell phone to my hubby, who was at a different store, telling him I couldn't find a game that I was looking for. Someone near me overheard, and handed me the game, which was hidden back on the shelf where I couldn't see it.

At another store, they were handing out free coffee, and while I was waiting in line to check out, another shopper announced that she was going to get a cup. She asked if anyone else wanted one, and ended up bringing back 4 cups for people who she didn't even know.

I think it's a very cool idea to do a left over exchange, since I am completely sick of my leftovers. I may have to steal this idea next year.

I'm right with you on the fact that Twilight was disappointing. I felt that many of those "smoldering looks" actually looked bored and constipated. I did like the kiss scene, but the move was pretty much mediocre crap.

Okay, now that my comment is longer than your blog, I guess I'll stop. I'm glad you had a good weekend!

Mimi said...

I agree, I avoid shopping on Black Friday like the plague.

Thankfully, our family does a Thanksgiving on it, so I get to not even think about shopping that day.

CamiKaos said...

it wasn't just one death. A woman miscarried, two men shot each other at a toys r us as well.

It's insane to me, but it's what some people do. I steer clear of it.

holly said...

to me, every friday between thanksgiving and christmas in the shops is black friday. i'm shoppin' online this year. no one bumps into my hip/shoulder/face there.

Daryl said...

I'm with Mary .. that's the version I have always heard .. never heard this Philly story ... you know those PA peeps are not the most honest ...


Lori said...

We always have such a great time! But, some do take it too seriously. I've seen grown women cry bc they weren't one of the first 200 to get a $5 gift card to Sears! We go about it just for the deals and if we don't get something it's no big deal. But, I do like that more places honor their sales prices online. Makes it MUCH easier!

Jo Beaufoix said...

So glad Cheese is ok and the girls are settled. :D