Monday, December 15, 2008

be careful what you wish for

This pic is from yesterday
Woke up this morning and we've got over a foot of fresh snow, and no power. Awesome. MM home from work, MG home from school. I am not sure if I am going to work tonight, or not. If it starts to snow again I am heading towards not. We shall see. Right now MM's Jeep is stuck at the bottom of our drive way, so I need to go help dig that out. Dogs still think its the best thing ever, though they are quite happy to be inside with me at this exact moment More pictures later


Daryl said...

COLD .. so cold .. and here it was 60 today ... who said Global Warming was a myth?


Mary said...

I'm so ready to be rid of the snow already. We got ice storms yesterday then snow on top of it, so everything here is a slippery mess.

I hope you dig out soon.