Monday, December 22, 2008

How much tape can I get onto one box....

This time of year can be rather frightful.
The whole gift thing.
Not the giving. Or the receiving. (Though, certain members of my family can make the receiving painful. *Cough* Older sister ugliestdamnplanterihaveeverseen*Cough*)

What gets me, every time, is the wrapping paper. And the importance placed on wrapping paper, and how your wrapped gift is supposed to look like you took 10 hours to do it with it's perfectly folded corners, perfectly aligned ribbon with a good bow to ribbon ratio, and just a certain amount of tape.
Or, if you prefer gift bags, there is the whole tissue art thing going. Different colors, some with sparklies sprinkled on it, peeking out of the bag, or rioting out of the bag like an exploded volcano.

Last year I had surgery on my hand. It was THE PERFECT EXCUSE for my half assed attempt at getting things wrapped in any kind of decent shape. I simply didn't. My attempts at wrapping were hilarious. Lots of gift bags were used last year, out of necessity. And the tissue got shoved in left handed and willy nilly. It worked.

This year, I am feeling the pressure again. TV commercials run amok with those tape dispensers that rest on your wrist, like a bracelet, or on your fingers, and now, the newest thing, a blade thingy that you can use to cut the wrapping paper without shredding it with scissors. I don't actually have that problem, though.

Every time I see those commercials I think that I should start wrapping. Then I don't. Don't get me wrong, I have some things done. But the bulk of it? Not really.
But today, today I am going to work on it. Really I am.
And, unless my hand surgery somehow gave me miraculous wrapping skills, my gifts will look as they usually do, and, as usual, my Mom will make fun of me.
Gotta love this time of year.

And on a fun note, I must send out interweb xoxoxoxoxox's to Jo and Daryl. The fedex man was cursing Daryl friday when he had to drive up our iced over snowy drive way. But I don't care. The picture she sent me is GORGEOUS, and MG is very taken with the picture on the holiday card. Thank you!
And Jo. The book is awesome. And so funny. (211 Things A Bright Girl Can Do). I am so glad my slippers won your contest. My favorite chapter thus far was the" How to fart with grace and charm at the ambassadors do". I do have one question for you, though. What is Cava? And why does the book recommend I pour myself some, frequently?
And the socks and the chocolate that came with the book are very much loved and appreciated, as well.


Anonymous said...

I hate wrapping.

I think my family has accepted that I buy decent gifts (I think...), but they will always look like crap.

Good luck finishing up everything for the holidays.

NanaKaos said...

That is why they created re-usable gift bags. Love um.

I do miss the game with you guys, maybe another year if we ever get to move.

mielikki said...

NK its funny you mention the game. We are going to play it this year, for the first time in many, many years. It will be MM's first foray into it. I've already instructed him as to his duties....

K- everyone else in my family has accepted the fact that my gifts are sloppily wrapped, or shoved into bags. I do shop well though, they like what they get. My mom, however, holds out eternal hope that I will change my ways. Silly woman.

Mimi said...

Bags work.

sybil law said...

I LOATHE wrapping presents. Absolutely hate it!!!! Still, I look at those commercials - especially for the scissors, and laugh. That is truly lazy. I mean, you still have to move the damn things, so is it really that extra hard to also cut the paper yourself?! (Probably good for arthritic people, though.)
Anyway, congrats on the gifts! And have fun wrapping this year!

Jo Beaufoix said...

My prezzies are all a bit slap dash with the wrapping this year, but it's just going to get ripped off right??

And yay, glad you like your prize and prezzie. Cava is fizzy wine, like cheap champagne. My mum uses it with gin and orange to make Gin Fizz on Christmas morning. Yum. :D