Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I had a very interesting conversation with Mustang Girl when we went out to lunch yesterday.
It seems she is reading this book, (she reads as much as MM and I do) and it has an interesting concept.
The main female character is an 18 year old girl dying of cancer. She has a friend, whom she develops a relationship beyond friendship with.
He's a vampire.
So, of course, to save the girl, he is turning her into a vampire.
Here is where the discussion began.
Would you want to die young, or would you want to live, forever?
Tough choice, isn't it?
We talked about many aspects related to this. Like, is it easier to live forever with someone that you love, who will also live forever? But forever is a LONG time. Look, or think about your spouse. 60 years, 70 years, great, right?? Try on INFINITY.
Can you see yourself with that person, some, 800, 900 years from now?
And what about the rest of your family. The non vampire family? Can you sit, and watch all of them die? And, won't they notice that you haven't aged beyond eighteen? Or whatever age? How often would you have to move so not as to draw attention to yourself?
How about the earth.
Realistically, what direction are we going in? Do you want to live forever, and watch us devolve, possibly back to the dark ages? Or, on the plus side, if you think so, are we EVOLVING into a higher form of life and would you like to stay and watch that?
I ultimately decided that I would NOT live forever. It would suck, but I'd have to accept the fact that I was going to die, young. Because living forever has no appeal to me.
No matter how hot the Vampire is.


Daryl said...

Interesting discussion. I think I agree, I say I think because well I am older than you are and so losing people in my life who I care about is already happening ... OTOH, well if you saw Hitch, the Will Smith movie .. it showed the otherside .. the alone side ... and that clearly doesnt look like fun ...Robert Heinlein who is one of my fav authors wrote many a short story and several novels with the character Lazarus Long .. his name should explain a lot .. the novels are wonderful .. check out The Past Through Tomorrow and Time Enough for Love as well as Stranger in a Strange Land


Bubblewench said...

I have to agree w/you and Daryl.. I don't think I would want to live forever.

Interesting discussion to have with MG though!

Lia Hollander said...

if this is the scenario, wouldn't you have to be willing to drink blood in order to stay alive (or dead, as it were).

Gonna have to think about this one.

Jo Beaufoix said...

If I didn't have to drink blood and was going to be with someone I loved passionately for ever and ever, and they also didn't drink blood, well I might think about it. Bad Jo.