Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday 13

We are getting our Christmas Tree this week, and I SO love the whole Christmas Tree thing. Getting it will take my mind off of what a crappy week it's been so far. (Still trying to get the silly black cat inside. Losing hope).
Anyhow. I have quite a few ornaments for my tree. Some are old ones from my childhood. Some are ones I've collected on the way. So here are my 13 favorite ornaments that hang on my tree....

1. You can't really appreciate this one, unless you get to see it in person. It is so ridiculous that it utterly charmed me. The fluffy feathers, the striped legs. I laughed and laughed. Then I bought it. And I have a camel, too. But it isn't quite as ridiculously fun as this one....

2. This is part of a set I have that depicts the 12 days of Christmas. Obviously, he is a piper piping. I like hanging men from my tree :)

3. This is one of the few I don't really recall where I got it from. But it's one of my favorites, just the same.

4. This is one of my newer ornaments, and for some reason this little airplane just shouts Christmas! at me. Maybe because I buy toys for little boys year after year after year...

5. I bought this one in Paris, at the Louvre. I always have good memories when I look at it.

6. I bought this one in Charleston a few years ago. How many others can say they have a sailor hanging from their tree?

7. This is one was painted by my Mom before I was even born. It hung on our family tree for many years. My mom, for whatever reason, decided almost 10 years ago to give me and my sisters all the old ornaments. We split them up three ways and I cherish each and every one of them that I got.

8. Yes this is really a cat in a crinoline. I had a Christmas Party one year, and someone brought me this as a 'hostess gift'. I was kind of appalled at first but she has grown on me over the years, and now I laugh hysterically, and hang her in the front of the tree for all the people to shudder at.

9. This is another one from my childhood. My Mom painted it. I remember being entranced with it when it hung from our family tree. It's sparkly eyes have fallen off over the years, but I still love it.

10. A young lady made these for me with her own two little hands. Crafty little thing. I love them. I wish that I had a big pair for my own hands...

11. I have the whole Peanuts gang in ornaments. Except Woodstock. Why oh Why didn't they make a Woodstock?

12. My Scruffy lil tugboat. I've had this one for a long time. It even came with a mini little golden book that tells his story. I always think of my tugboat years when I hang it up.

13. My Mom brought me this little elf right from Finland, home of Santa, himself. He looks especially charming swinging from a top branch. I used him as my blog header last year.

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Anonymous said...

I love the holidays. We're waiting to put up the tree (I have a wild toddler), but I'm excited to start the decorating.

Also - I hope your cat turns up safe and sound soon.

Mary said...

I love it when people use ornaments that mean something to them on their tree. I'm always a bit shocked by people whose trees match perfectly.

Great list!

Daryl said...

Oddly enough I love the cat in the crinoline!


Unknown said...

What a cute globe.

I'm at

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Gorgeous decorations, especially as they all have meanings for you. I have some from when my kids were little that bring a smile every year.
I like your sailor, globe and the mittens are too cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi again. I just wanted to say sorry for the mistake. I misunderstood the reference to Mustang Girl. I guess I'll just had to read more posting to get my facts straight...

holly said...

what? nothing from the rudolph/santa claus is coming to town collection?

i'm mildly disappointed.

but i do like the finnish elf.

sobeit said...

I love decorating with snowmen, so most of my ornaments are snowmen. However, I have those few from when I was child...that I made....or those that were a gift from someone special! Thanks for sharing the pictures! Happy TT!


Mimi said...

These are so awesome! I love that each ornament has a story, we have that too.

And, would you believe, I have a Woodstock, and have had him since childhood?