Tuesday, October 7, 2008

tea, for two

mmm, hot tea. It has been getting me through the last 2 weeks, and seems to be the only thing that will soothe my cough that still lingers. Thankfully, the cough is only really bad in the mornings, when I get up. Hence my lack of early morning blog posts. But I digress.

This is the Capresso H2O kettle. I got one, yesterday, for our house, to heat up the water in a faster, more prettier way than the typical stove top kettle. Celtic Rose and I purchased a kettle for work over a year ago (an aluminum one) and I love how fast it gives me hot water.

But I did not blog this blog to talk about my kettle. (Though I love it and will add it to my treasurelicious)
I want to talk tea.
Good tea.
My absolute favorite tea is Jasmine Pearl tea. It is a delicate tea, a fun tea. I make my Jasmine Pearl tea not in a tea pot, but in my French Press so that I can see the delicate Jasmine pearl unfold into it's green leafyness. I am out of the Pearls right now, and our local tea shop, in this economy, went under. I am going to have to resort to the internet for my Jasmine Pearls. Sigh.
I am also an Earl Grey fan. With just a little touch of milk. The Earl is made in my teapot, as befits an Earl. I love the smoky warmth of the Earl. He is a bit strong, (hence the milk). If he isn't to your taste, try his sister, Lady Grey. It is less smoky and strong. Sometimes I get her, just for a change.
And my other tea of choice is Scottish Breakfast. It is not for newbie tea drinkers, however, as it is darker, and stronger than Earl Grey. Think of it as the Guinness of tea's. But it is what I used yesterday when I broke the kettle in. (No I didn't make it in the kettle, I made it in the pot!).
I prefer my tea's in loose leaf, though in a pinch, the bag will do. My Scottish Breakfast is in the bag right now, and it is strong enough that you can use only one bag to make a whole pot. I have not made the mistake of using one bag per cup. I think my hair would fall out if I tried it.
So, there you go, tea to soothe the savage cough. And a sweet new kettle to boil the water in.


sybil law said...

Too bad I hate tea.

Daryl said...

Oh I have some wonderful tea for you .. will send it off tomorrow ...

Try Airborne lozenges they save my life because since I had pneumonia the cough after a cold is gone lasts for MONTHS