Saturday, October 25, 2008

Short Story Saturday

Ava was out in her garden, planting bulbs so that she would have spring flowers. In her little corner of the universe, the first frost was coming, soon, and she needed to have her tulip bulbs in the ground before that happened. Suddenly, a brief breeze skittered around her skirts, tugging at them, as if the wind itself was trying to pull her away from her task. Tilting her head to the side, she listened, to everything, and yet, nothing at the same time. Far away, she heard the faint, tinkling crash, and smelled peanut butter.
"Oh well, no hope for it, then" she said, to everyone, and yet, no one in particular. Shedding her garden gloves, she went into her home, took one last sip of tea, then closing her eyes, she focused, once more...

Eden's big, blue frightened eyes met the shocked brown eyed gaze of her husband. Both of them were thinking the same thing as the torrential rain started to pour down. The nearest hospital was 20 miles away, and, in this rain and wind, it would take them forever to reach it. If they reached it at all. Ben quickly picked up the phone to dial 9-1-1, and realized they had no dial tone. Neither of their cell phones were working, either. By this time, Eden was beginning to feel her contractions, strong, and steady.
"I can go for Mrs. Strom" he offered, lamely.
"Don't leave me!" she begged him, scared more than she had ever been.
A knock at their door surprised them greatly, and Ben hurried to answer it. To his surprise, there was a tiny lady standing there, no more than 5 feet tall. And he could swear she had lavender hair. Her eyes were a shade never seen to him before, kind of a cross between amethyst, and, well, sea green? The wind that was tearing at everything else around him seemed to not affect her at all.
"Good afternoon, kind sir" she said. My name is Ava, and I am a midwife. I believe you may possibly have need of my services?"
Peace washed over Ben with her words and acceptance of her presence in their home. Opening the door wider, he let her in. As she walked past him, he could swear he could smell the fall scent of decomposing leaves, and dried bulbs.
Ava immediately focused in on Eden, and her need. Before Eden knew what was happening, she found herself tucked into her bed, that was made with fresh sheets. Her hair was neatly braided and tucked up, and her contractions were coming hard, and fast.
"This is your first child?" asked Ava, sipping her tea thoughtfully.
"Yes" answered Eden panting with the pain, as she had been taught.
"Must be the weather, then" answered the diminutive midwife. Outside, the wind was whistling like a whole room full of construction workers that was let into a beauty pageant. The trees were swaying, and the rain was falling in torrents.
After a few hours of contracting, it was time. Ava sensed it. Together, the three of them worked to bring the baby into the windy, stormy world that awaited her. It didn't take long.
Ben was delighted with their little girl, as was Eden. Beaming, Ava whispered a message into the little one's ear before handing her over to her parents.
"That is a special little girl you have, expect great things from her" she said to the happy couple. "Now, I must take my leave. I have bulbs to set".
With that, at the blink of an eye, she was gone. And, so was the wind and rain. Looking down at his daughter, Ben noted she had the most peculiar sea green eyes....


sybil law said...

Awesome. :)

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Yep, what Sybil said.

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That's a great short story. Wonderful.

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what she said above me