Monday, October 20, 2008

Mother-Daughter bonding

We take for granted, I think, the internet.
There are kids who have been born never knowing a world without it.
It has become an extremely easy way to find anything you want to find.
Where's Tampa Bay at in Florida?
Google it.
How old IS Wilford Brimley? (thought he was dead)
Google it.
How many kilograms in a pound?
Google it!
ect. ect. ect. ect.

But I remember. I remember dial up, and when we first got it.
I remember sitting with my mom, the famed Aunt Tuna, at the desk, intrigued by what we could find. For some stupid reason, we decided to look up Rosie O' Donnell. I think because she was one of the first 'celebrities' with a website.
Anyhow. We typed it in, and we spelled it wrong.
What we got back was a huge screen shot of a naked man. With a pron star sized penis. That had CHRIS O' Donnel's head cut and pasted onto the body. (It was painfully obvious). After a stunned three second silence, we both started laughing hysterically. We found the "home" button, and started looking at the other pictures offered. We saw nude pics of California's erstwhile governator, Arnold, um, I think Patrick Swayze was in there, and some others. Stallone, he was in there. We were still just dying of laughter at the cut and paste heads on these pron star bodies, when my Dad walked in. There he found his wife, and youngest daughter laughing hysterically at naked men on the computer screen.
My father has not touched the internet YET.


sybil law said...

Aaah, so you come by your perversions naturally!

Bubblewench said...

ba ha ha ha ha ha! I had a feeling Aunt Tuna had a freaky dirty streak! And she passed it on to you...

Daryl said...

What they both said ..