Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall, fires, and nice weekends

This weekend we got the opportunity to do something we've been waiting to do in this new house. Something we've not ever done before. Something we really wanted to do. But, we didn't.
We started a fire in our wood burning stove.
Fall is here, and October isn't usually THAT cold here in Nirvana Ciry. But this weekend, the temperature dropped, and we enjoyed a few days of rain. Much needed rain.
Saturday night, we finally decided to do it, to light that fire. We did fairly well for 2 people whom have not owned a wood burning stove, before. We managed to get a fairly nice fire going.
Sunday, was of course, a day for football. And still chilly. MM tackled the stove his own self and managed to get a ROARING fire going. So warm that we both ended up in tank tops that evening! Mustang Girl would disappear into her room now and again, to talk secret agent teenager stuff on the phone, and probably to get some cooler air!
Both MM and I are still having a problem with the cough that seems to linger forever, but, we are feeling better. I would really like to be not coughing anymore, though. A nice cup of hot steaming tea seems to do the trick. Speaking of tea, I am off in a few minutes to go forage through the local kitchen stores for an electric kettle. I have one for work, but have always wanted one for the house. So off I go...


julie said...

I just got your cough. It sucks.

Bubblewench said...

it's coming back around too..Scott just got it too...

sybil law said...

You two have SARS.
Really - there is nothing better than a fire. Love it!
Hope your stupid cough goes away soon!

Mimi said...

I'm not shaking this cold either. Gah.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Feel better hon, and wood burners are gorgeous aren't they? Enjoy.