Monday, October 13, 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you

So, we have this idea, see?

We? Do I have a mouse in my pocket?
Er, not exactly.

My other 'we', in this case, is none other than Daryl.
We were busy with multiple other things this weekend, but we still had these random moments of sending email back and forth to each other discussing multiple things. Like tea, teenagers, wine, egg sandwiches.
Our Idea.
and books.
We did discuss books. And our affinity for them. And our To Be Read piles. Hers is much larger than mine at said moment.
Anyhow. We thought it might be a cool idea to organize some sort of informal, bloggy book swap.
Here's how it would work.
I will, (for example) put in my side bar the books that I have that are worth someone else reading. If Daryl, or, someone else sees a book they want to read, they can send me an email, with their address, And I will send it to them.
Yes, the shipping will cost the recipiant some money. But to ship a book or 2 is not that costly of an endeavor. And yes, please, ladies across the pond, ask me for books if you want them, I will send them to you.
And if anyone wants to get rid of books? Put it in your sidebar. Or tell me and I will put it in mine. If this works out, and people want to actually do this, we may, in fact, after time, make the bloggy book exchange it's own blog, and let everyone post on it. Kind of like a book garage sale.
Is this an original idea? Probably not. People are probably already doing it. I know there are paperback book exchanges, and other book exchanges.
But this one is with people I know. Because my books have to go to nice homes!
So look for me to be re arranging my sidebar, soon. And look for the books.....

crazy women that we are, we decided books require a whole blog of their own. Look for us both to put the blog up very very soon!


Mimi said...

Looking forward to it.

I should push Paperback Swap, though. Good place.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Cool idea. I love me some books. x

sybil law said...

I love the idea, but I like to KEEP my books- esp. the ones I've read and love!!!
Still, I'd also be into an online book club of sorts. Because I am allll nerded out like that! :P

Daryl said...

Thanks for getting this going, Mie, I am going to start by making a list of what I have to share ...


judi/Gmj said...

You two are Wild and Crazy Women! Your blog is a read in and of it's self. I looking forward to your new venture.. or adventure. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a BRILLIANT idea!