Saturday, September 20, 2008

Short Story Saturday

Cookie screamed in frustration as she paced around the tiny cell she was being imprisoned in. Her lipstick had faded long ago, and she had rivulets of black mascara streaking down her cheeks from four hours of crying.
The last thing she'd remembered was being on the steps of the police department, juggling coffee, donuts, and those infernal stir sticks that Sam had to have. A kind stranger had offered to open the door for her
and then

GDK giggled, watching the scared woman pace back and forth, hair standing on end, mascara down to her chin. "I hate it when that happens, said Janet, coming up behind him and wrapping her arms around his neck.
Ev turned to face her, eyes shining.
You could never look as devastated as she looks my darling. Even on the side of the road after that motorcycle accident, where I first met you, you looked beautiful.
"I did, didn't I?" smiled Janet.
"It was too bad we had to kill Riff Raff, though", said Ev, thoughtfully stroking Brad's head. "What's it been, 6 years now? And they STILL have not found his body."
"Disappointing, I know" said Janet, coming around to kiss him.
"I'm still angry with you for killing that old woman" groused Ev, kissing her anyhow.
"I had to throw them off track, somehow!" she pouted. "Besides. No one wanted her. She's better off. Even you admitted that.
"Fine" he sighed. But no more solo trips, okay? We should both agree on our next subject.
"Yes, dear" she answered, and turned to watch Cookie pace in the small room.
Across town, Sam ate 2 more tums, and reviewed the paperwork yet again, about the Gerber Daisy Killer. His Fedora had fallen off, in the street outside the police department, only, he had not realized it yet. Absentmindedly, he reached up to pluck at the red feather, and ended up pulling his hair, instead. He didn't even notice.
"What is missing from here" he thought crossly, glaring at the clock, willing the minutes to tick by slower. 24 hours was all he was given. Five of those hours were spent. He was worried.
Pacing, he fingered the stir stick as he considered all his options. The buzzer to his apartment rang, and he considered ignoring it, but then remembered he'd ordered a pizza. Striding over, he simply buzzed the delivery man in. When the knock on the door sounded, he threw the door open, file in one hand, 20 dollar bill in the other.
"Keep the change" he instructed, not even bothering to look up.
"What?" answered a raspy voice
Looking up, Sam suddenly smelled the man who'd entered his dwelling
"Who are you" he growled, reaching for his service weapon.
"I'm the man who is going to solve your case" answered Riff Raff, grinning.
"Is that so" said Sam, not in the mood for games. He pulled his revolver out, and pointed it at Riff Raff. "Tell me what you know, NOW".
A short time later, Riff Raff was devouring pizza, and Sam was on the phone, gathering a large cadre of officers, both on and off duty. The information he was given was priceless, and it had not taken long to discover where the good doctor and his wife lived. It was only three blocks from his own apartment.
In less than an hour, they stormed the building. Janet had been taken by complete surprise, lounging in the bathtub. Ev, however, had been alerted by Brad, and went down in a blaze of glory.
Sam, freeing Cookie from the basement prison, swore he'd never put her in that danger again. Before they were even out the door, he'd proposed, and promised to retire. She accepted.