Thursday, September 18, 2008

another 13

it's time again for the Thursday 13.
This week, I have chosen
13 things I would do if money, stamina, time, and or age were not a factor...

1. I'd climb Mount Everest. I've always had a fascination for this. I'd love to have my own little sherpa....

2. I'd get a doctorate in history, and then teach college age students whom were actually interested in it. Probably women in history.

3. Go back to Paris and learn to be a pastry chef. (I'd probably weigh a gazillion pounds, but hey. Why not?)

4. World Cruise

5. Design and stitch my own Tapestry. Look out Bayeux!

6. Go and watch, or maybe even participate in those horse races they have on the Steppes of Mongolia.

7. Collect Faberge eggs.

8. Go sled dog racing in Alaska

9. Ride the full length of the Orient Express. (with an Agatha Christie book for company)

10. Stamp out world hunger

11. Become a Beefeater so I could feed the Ravens

12. Break the sound barrier

13. Retire!


Anonymous said...

I had a friend I was madly infatuated with who actually went to Paris to study to be a pastry chef. She's the only one of my lost friends I have not been able to track down.


Darla said...

I hear you on history--though it's not just the students who need to be interested to make it a good experience. Throughout school, I hated history because it was so boring. It was all rote memorization, and the teachers were all "really" something else--like the football coach (it was a very small school).

My kids, though, all love history--because they've had teachers who were enthusiastic about the subject and made it come alive for them. And through my kids, and from living in Europe, I've become interested in it myself.

sybil law said...

I like it all but the Faberge eggs.

Patsy said...

May I join you on all your adventures??? They all sound like things I would really like to do too. I had thought about the history thing before and have always thought that if history could be taught with good period romance novels history would be a lot more intersting to read. :) Might not be what you had in mind though. :) Good TT.

Anonymous said...

This is a great list! I would like to try all of these things!

Emma Sanders said...

Sounds like a good plan!

Qtpies7 said...

Great list, but not sure any of them would be on my list. Maybe the world cruise.

Lori said...

3,4,9 and 13 are all things I really hope one day I might do or try out!

Daryl said...

You could do most of these on your world tour.. I am big into consolidation


Nicholas said...

In that order?

Jo Beaufoix said...

Most of that is doable honey, even the ravens. just wander past a beefeater and scatter a few seeds as you go. I'm with Sybil on the eggs though, I'd rather spend the dosh on a swimming pool.