Monday, September 10, 2007

surrogate partner therapy vs. prostitution

Yes, seriously.
Damn I should really never turn on the TV unless Football or something equally as fun for me is on.
I was all prepared to blog something, and left the TV on as background noise. I am now listening to these people talking about "surrogate partner therapy".
This is a new form of sex therapy. And what it does, is has a "professional" who spends time with the "patient", and their significant other if they have one. It helps them figure out what their "psychological problem" is related to sex, using any means necissary. Including sex, whether it be oral or, anything else. Apparently, they have just the one meeting with the significant other, but regular "therapy" with the troubled soul, until they manage to solve the problem. To the tune of 130.00 a session if they are required to have sex with you. The "surrogate parter" that is on there is admitting that there is plenty of intimate touch involved in this therapy, but then she says not everyone gets to have sex with the surrogate. And there is one brave man on there who was "cured" with this therapy. He says he had "performance anxiety" and that, thanks to the surrogate, he can get an erection again. He says the surrogate "terminated the relationship" when he acheieved an erection. (How nice of her.)
So, is this prostitution? Or is it therapy?
I think, possibly, its both. (Way to sit on the fence, huh?). I know there are people out there who do, truly, have problems with the intimacy of sex. Male, and female. (It's so sad). If these people are clean, and know what they are doing, and can offer some sort of therapeutic value, then, I think it is probably good for those who need it.
Where my problem lies, is what happens if their client/patient becomes too emotionally dependant on the surrogate? I am sure that happens! And then the surrogate declares them "cured" of their intimacy problem, and they go try to date in the real world, only to discover that their "cure" only works when they are with the surrogate they have grown attatched to. And, truthfully. They charge more for the sessions that involve sex, which is, well, prostitution.
The hosts of this "morning show" are having a field day.
The woman is so angry she is practically foaming at the mouth at these therapists. And the "cured" man is very angry over the whole situation. He just declared that men "shouldn't think with their penis". What a lovely sentiment.
So, what do you all think? Is it prostitution, or therapy? Does it really matter?
(And yes my TV is OFF now!)


sybil law said...

That's what you get for watching the smut channels! Just kidding...
Anyway, it's just creepy, overall. I mean, if my sex therapy was with George Clooney, then hell yes I would do it and have fun and probably require some "extra sessions". In fact, maybe I'd never be cured. But how can you get it on with some stranger, period? That's gross. I can just picture the freaky hippie trying to get in my pants... um... NO.

mielikki said...

The Scary thing, Syb? It was on a "morning show" on a normal channel. If it was on some cable thing I would have probably just laughed, but. . .
and yes the one sex therapist they had on there looked really frightening. Like an S & M frightening. . .

CamiKaos said...

this is clearly a clever scheme in favor of prostitution or a crazy branch of therapy that will be abused in favor of prostitution.

stop watch morning shows sweetie... they're the same as smut channel. haha

happy monday

Bubblewench said...

I saw a similar show a few weeks ago, in the early afternoon, about 3pm.. you know when all the kids are home from school..

It was all about how there is a website where women can advertise for a Sugar Daddy, and what they do FOR the sugar daddy.. I was entranced (and I NEVER watch that stuff). Yeah, it's just a fancy way of being a hooker with an office instead of a street corner.