Saturday, September 8, 2007


Realized while I was looking at CR's blog the other day that naming Mustang Man, and calling him MM? Could also be Mielikki's man. . . and together? We are MMM.
Okay yes that is sick and lovey dovey ect,
give me a break. We had a really nice weekend togther. I was really sad to see him drive away tonight. And so was he. He has to go to work tomorrow to complete a special project. It sucks. But I have the NFL to console me. He has to get up super early, so he reluctantly went home to catch some sleep. (Because, yes "slumber party" is misleading. We did sleep, some, really)
We went to a car show at the fairgrounds today, and he met Celtic Rose and her handsome husband. We actually had breakfast together, first. It was fun, and nice. Everyone liked everyone else, and I felt really comfortable.MM seemed relaxed and comfortable the whole time as well. You'll have to read CR's blog or ask her what she thought of him. I am sure she will offer her opinion.
The car show was excellent! I was so happy to see my favorite car EVER represented twice. I love the "California Special" model of Mustang. I have always wanted one. My ex husband used to get really pissed at me when I said that, because he was a MOPAR man. So, at least now, I have Mustang Man who totally supports my idealization of the California Special. There was a BEAUTIFUL one there that I stood and gazed at with love and adoration, and, eventually, I had to walk away from it (to go look at a hot Camero if I remember correctly) and I sighed, and remarked "fine, I'll go, but just know I am leaving part of my soul back there". He just laughed and said "I know."
We saw lots of great cars, then went to dinner and a movie. All in all, a great Saturday.


CamiKaos said...

mmm tee heee

you're so cute

sybil law said...

Love is all around me... and so the feeling grow..
Another grotesque song - just for you!

mielikki said...

Cami-thanks! I think. . . hee hee
Syb-That song is possibly one of the worst, and SHOULD be on the list for sure!

Bubblewench said...

you are too funny. how adorable.