Monday, September 3, 2007

25. . .26. . .27. . .

Been thinking today about music. It helps that it's playing as I straighten up the house. And my mind started going to what I would list as 25 of my favorite songs.
This is a problem for me. Because I love it all. So this is the 25 I was led to today. Some of these songs could well not have my my list if I'd have made it yesterday, or tomorrow. But, really, these are songs I never get tired of hearing. And, because another one came on, there will be 26 instead of 25. So sue me.
Or maybe there will be 27. Because another one I can't live without just popped in. Aargh.

ok. so, 27. Maybe I should make it a nice even 30? We'll see.

*these are not in any particular order, it's just how I thought of them*

1. Sugar Sugar-The Archies this is the first song I can remember really liking. Somewhere, I think, is video of me dancing to the damn thing.

2. Blood On The Saddle- this was an offbeat little song from the first record I owned, it was from Disneyland-the CountryBear Jamboree record.

3. Crimson and Clover- Tommy James and the Shondells. This used to scare the hell out of me as a kid, but once I hit my teen years, I couldn't get enough of it.

4. Who's Sorry Now- Connie Francis another oldie I loved, for some reason. I played her entire album all the time when we had a record player.

5.I Don't Wanna Play House- Tammy Wynette. She is still one of my favorites to this day. Her voice is something else. And when she sings with George Jones? Forget it.

6. Don't Back Down- The Beach Boys. I love everything Beach Boys, but this song in particular always made me happy.

7. Thunder Road- Bruce Springsteen. The lyric of this song makes me want to weep every time. Love me some Bruce.

8. Heart of Glass-Blondie. Where did Deborah Harry go? She is one of the best EVER.

9. Bolero- Ravel. I never get tired of this song, it's magical to me.

10.Pennsylvania 6-5000. Glenn Miller Orchestra. I love big band music, and this is one of the best.

11. A Question of Lust Depeche Mode. I play this song all the time, still.

12. Photograph- Def Leppard. This is the first song I ever danced with a boy to. 7th grade dance, Adam. Why we had a fast song? Because my friend, Adam's cousin, Kathleen, dedicated this one to us!

13. Rock Lobster- B 52's. Because it's a silly ocean song, and just makes me laugh out loud.

14.Friday, I'm in Love- The Cure. I like anything by The Cure. Robert Smith is so wierd.

15. Sunday, Bloody Sunday- U2. This song really made sense to me, and U2 nailed it. It's too bad they are such sell outs, now.

16.Alison- Elvis Costello- I don't believe I have to explain the attraction of this song

17. Jeremy- Pearl Jam. I love Pearl Jam.

18. La Vie En Rose- Edith Piaf- because I've always had a love affair with France, and this song is the epitome.

19. No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley. Beautiful song

20. Tom Sawyer- Rush. I have just loved this song since the first time I heard it

21. Four In The Morning- Night Ranger- this song reminds me of a really good friend I had in highschool. When I hear it, I always wonder where he went.

22. Ophelia- Natalie Merchant. She has a beautiful voice as well

23. Home, Michael Buble. His voice is so smooooooooooth

24. Blues Man- Alan Jackson. This is a great song, done as a tribute to Hank Williams, Jr. Who is ironically, not one of my favorites. . .

25. Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson. I love the message of this song. Sleep in, pretend it's the weekend, and i'll make us pancakes. My idea of a perfect rainy day.

*Bonus tracks!*

26. Belly Dance- The Wicked Tinkers- this is a drums and bagpipe band, and, believe it or not, this song is so seductive! You'd need to hear it to understand. . .

27. Badfish- Sublime. There is something about this song, I just can't put my finger on it. .

I must stop. and post this before another song comes on that I can't leave off.


DaddyKaos said...

I almost listed P6500 in mine, good list.

CamiKaos said...

I wonder if all kids were frightened by Crimson and Clover or if it is just a family thing.

Mimi said...

Must just be a family thing, but I do remember "Knights in White Satin" as being scary - with the talking bit and all.

Anyway, great list of songs!

mielikki said...

knights in white satin. Um. Well. I am considering a list of some really bad songs. That one might actually make it. It never scared me, but I really never liked it.

sybil law said...

Nice. :)