Tuesday, March 27, 2007

stupid women

Well the sun is almost shining today, for a wee moment. We are supposed to be getting more rain, today. When I woke up, my shoulder was almost normal. It is still 'twinging' here and there. I am not going to work tonight, either, going to aim for one more day of rest and go back tomorrow. Better safe than sorry.
Staying home last night, watching TV and knitting on that one, stubborn piece of blanket, I noticed something. Not for the first time, but last night it really pushed my buttons. They were playing a commercial for that show, where multiple women go, and all hope to marry a man they have never met before, and they "compete" for dates with him. (that alone, is enough to irritate me.)I shudder to even mention the name. So I won't. My mother LOVES this kind of crap, and constantly asks me if I've seen it. (No! No! a million times no!) I have nightmares of our NY trip, and her needing to be back at the hotel in time to watch it. Anyhow. On these commercials, they are repeatedly showing this one woman (girl?) sobbing loudly, "I don't understand why I have to leave so soon!" Presumably, he bounces her first episode. Uh, Hello, lady? YOU DON"T KNOW THIS MAN!!! What the hell! Stop crying like a weak female, pull your thong out of your crack and move on! She gets what she deserves, thinking she is going to find the love of her life in six weeks on national television, anyhow. Maybe next year I'll sign my mother up to go. I'm sure my Dad won't mind, it means he doesn't have to watch the show!


CamiKaos said...

the commercials for those shows. yikes. That is in the top 10 reasons why I got a tivo.

Mimi said...

I have this theory - people who need to go on national tv to find a date have a *reason* they are single.

mielikki said...

Yes, CK, I usually watch my DVR,too. I was watching some sort of regular TV for some reason. I can't even remember why now, so it must not have been that good. Sad that I remember the commercial, but not what I was watching!
And Mimi? I agree with you completely. Good theory!

Bubblewench said...

I hate those shows too!! And god forbid the commercials, my HM sits there just moaning "NOOOOO" the entire time they are on (if we are watching regular TV and not DVR), with the mute on.

Oh horrible horrible tv.... why do you exist?? And do you think they even bother to wear thongs?