Saturday, March 24, 2007

Every time I eat Brie

Every time I eat Brie, on toast, (like I am now, for lunch), I think of my Aunt N. (otherwise known as CamiKaos' mom, and K's Nana.). I was visiting them once, and she is the one who gave me brie for the first time. I remember that first taste, yum! Without really knowing it, she introduced me to a whole new world of cheeses. My own mom is a cheddar cheese (and nothing else) kind of woman, so I only got brie when I visited Aunt N. Knowing now the cost of that particular cheese, I have to thank her for sharing it with a child. As I grew older, and gained independance, I started buying my own brie. Not all the time, I still consider it a treat. I'll eat almost any kind of cheese now,but whenever I eat brie, even if its just for a moment, I think of Aunt N.
Whenever I make, then eat Pulla, (a finnish easter bread), I think of my great grandmother, Mary. She used to make the family pulla. I actually talk to her sometimes while I am making it, because it can be tricky. If you add even one bit more of flour than is supposed to be, the bread won't rise, and you are left with a mess. I find talking to Grandma Mary helps me insure the bread will rise. I also always think of her daughter, grandmother to both me and CamiKaos. She never learned to make pulla, because the one time Grandma Mary showed her how, she got in trouble for braiding it wrong, because she is left handed. I guess Grandma Mary was picky about how the bread was braided. I hope I braid it to her satisfaction. Funnily enough, I also think about Uncle R. while I make pulla, because he is the one that gave me the recipe! And he makes great pulla.
Whenever I eat ice cream, I think of my father. Whenever I make enchilada's, I think of my mom. When I see ketchup, I think of my nephew, B. He douses ketchup on everything he can. I guess where I am going with this is food memories. I am sure everyone has them. Its kind of sweet, actually, how a trip to the store, or to the kitchen, will make us remember things. So whatever you are eating today, along with the physical nourishment, I hope it brings spiritual nourishment as well, with many memories.


CamiKaos said...

Whenever I have pulla (my favorite of all bread items in the world) I think first of Uncle R because he makes the most perfect pulla in the world... then I think of great grandma and the fact that I never knew her. I have on picture of her and me together when I was a couple months old. It reminds me of K (who hasn't yet acquired a taste for pulla but she loves her brie). When she was 4 months old Mr. Kaos' grandmother passed away. She will never know her; all she will have is this one perfect picture. It sounds sad, but that isn't how I see it. At least she has that, you know? Yes, food brings so many emotions, every bite is something new.

mielikki said...

I feel very lucky that I remember our Great Grandmother. She was so sweet, and just loved everybody. She had a really soft voice, and kind eyes. I still feel connected to her.