Monday, March 19, 2007

size does matter

I used a phrase last week that I hate. "Plus sized women." Is that really a nice description? I prefer "botticelliesqe", but most people don't get that reference. Why do we even have to have a term for women who are larger than others, anyhow? And its perceived so derogatory. Are there any "plus sized men?" I have never met any. Nor have I ever seen a specific area in a store designated for them. Now, I have seen plenty of men who could meet the criteria, and for the life of me, cannot think of what we are to call them. The only thing that flashes through my mind are the commercials for the "big and tall" store for men. "Beer belly" also comes to mind, but, are there any catalogues for "beer bellied men?" I don't think so. Plus, I know plenty of larger men who don't drink beer. "Food belly?" ahh, I don't know.
And what about these women who starve themselves into minute sizes, so small they have to shop in the teen department at their local whatever. Do I walk around calling them minus sized women? Would they like to be called that? Probably. Because women are so much more hung up about this. I know this is an age old problem that get's discussed in many magazines, feminist groups, and by women of all shapes and sizes. Its just been on my own mind ever since I used that phrase. I think I am going to stick with "botticelliesque", and to hell with the ones who don't get it. They can just refer to me as the crazy, plus sized woman with cats.


CamiKaos said...

ah ah ah, the crazy, botticelliesque woman with cats.

Bubblewench said...

You Go Girl! Like that! That's me too! But I picked up a husband last year, and he came with MORE cats!!