Thursday, March 22, 2007

here, kitty kitty kitty... damn!

Another pet titled post. No, I did not feed a kitty to satan on its birthday. I almost want to, though! There has been this wee little calico living out my door, someone dumped her here almost a month ago. Usually, she is a sweet cat, lets me pick her up, feed her, ect. I tried to bring her in once, but true to calico fashion, she hissed, and growled at my other cats, then shit on the floor. (sounds like some men I know.) So, she's been outside. This morning, I was talking about her at work, and one of my co workers said "I'll take her! I need a good outside cat, and I don't have any others, I love calico's!" A ha! match made in heaven, I thought. So I drive home all happy that I found a home for the little thing. I get the carrier ready, and go out, to pet her and snuggle her and force her into the carrier, and the little beast won't come to me for love nor money! She knows I am up to no good.
Now, keep in mind I have been up all night, and last night wasn't easy. I had to take care of a drunk lady going through the DT's AND, a 14 year old boy with leukemia. I am not in the mood to play, Kitty. Those are my cheesy poofs. I spent over 30 minutes trying to catch her, while she mocked me. Damn cat. Then my neighbors came out. Right when I was picking up the cat food dish to take it away from her and put it in a nice open space, all the better to catch you with, my pretty. Of course, it was their food dish. Caught in the act. Sigh. Once I appraised them of what I was doing, they were all for it. They have been trying to find a place for her, too. So, they are outside doing the kitty wrangle now. I left them the carrier, and the old towel to wrap her in if need be. Let them get scratched and bloody. Damn cat.


CamiKaos said...

oh the calico, unlike any other beast in the world. Do you remember dezzi? I do. evil incarnate... i loved that mean ol cat.

mielikki said...

Oh, do I remember dezzi. She was mean, but special. She lived forever! This little brat is along her lines. I still have not caught her. I have until 7 pm tonight, then her coach turns into a pumpkin. I hope we can catch her.

Bubblewench said...

Good luck on the cat catching, have you tried the good ole can of tuna? I hope you can catch her and she gets a nice home.