Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patricks Day

I happen to love St. Paddy's Day, I have corned beef at the ready, a head of cabbage, and some dark irish beer waiting for me as I type. Of course, its only 4 am, so I won't be eating and drinking that anytime too soon. But still. I know its there. I remember making green flowers out of toilet paper as a kid and wearing the hideous things. I remember pinching the hell out of anyone not wearing green. Tonight, at work, at midnight, I pinched most of my co workers for this same thing. Thank God they had the good humor to laugh. I drew the line at pinching the patients, though. My friend, fellow nurse "G" (the same one who owes me 600,000) tried to convince me that his underwear was green, because he hadn't washed it in a month. I cooly informed him that did not count. It will be a cold day in hell before I get my money. LOL
On a more disgusting note. I am taking care of a child tonight, a four year old. Don't fash, people. He isn't that sick. I went to get him a toy, we give all the kids toys, and there was a cockroach beanie baby in the pile. I kid you not. Its name is "Scurry." Scurry is sitting on my work computer now, mocking me as I cheat, and post a blog from work. The minute "the man" figures out I am doing this, they will block the sight, I just know it. But for now, its just me and scurry, and "G", still chanting happily at the computer next door. . . sigh
PS, and I hope you all figured this out. The disgusting thing was the stuffed cockroach, not the four year old boy. He is all better now and at home harrassing his siblings.


Bubblewench said...

I am the kind of person that would buy a stuffed cockraoch too. I'm actually jealous you have one and I don't! LOL!

mielikki said...

Oh thats funny. It was in the toy box at work, and eventually, I hope, made its way to the four year old. We use toys to bribe the kids into cooperation. The day shift nurse kind of freaked out about it, though. When I go back to work tonight I'll see if Scurry is still there.