Saturday, January 24, 2009

working on...

Started lots of projects yesterday, one of them being a Saturday Story. I am still working out the idea though so it isn't ready, I got totally sidetracked. Yesterday was my nieces birthday. Princess. The one who had a baby last year, barely a year ago. She's 21. So I called to wish her happy birthday, and was told that she is 5 months pregnant right now with another girl. She didn't want to tell us at Christmas because the father of this child wasn't there. She obviously carries very small. Seeing that I didn't even know she had another boyfriend until Christmas you could say that I was surprised. But I did what any good knitter does, I went and bought some yarn to start the blanket with.
So, Saturday Story featuring Jo Beaufoix and her Posty, Paddy, (Jo I think he might be Irish) will be here next week. Unless someone else decides to fall pregnant and shock me into making another blanket.