Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The snow is slowly melting off in the backyard, (soon to be replaced, probably). We actually had a few days of rain, which really helped.
The evil curse I am fighting now is mud.
Dogs and mud.
And we don't have a mud room.
Every day, when the dogs come in, the kitchen floor gets covered in muddy prints, some of them in perfect dog print shape. And this week, those dogs just got muddier, and muddier.
Yesterday, they were so muddy I didn't let them in. All day.
And when I did, it was one at a time, and they got shoved into the bathtub, which I had kindly filled with warm water. They were not too amused at that. But they got a good scrub down with dog wash, and lost their huge layer of mud. My bathtub gained a serious layer of mud. It took a whole lot of those scrubbing bubbles to defeat that layer. Enough that MM got dizzy from the smell of them when he came in to rescue me from the room. Sigh. My Knight in shining armor, rescuing me from the fumes of cleaning solution.
I do all this willingly though.
and the dogs were clean.
until we had to let them back outside this morning.
And they acquired their first, new layer of mud.


Mary said...

Between the kids and the dog, I fight this same losing battle. I just wish the weather would decide what season it wants to be!

holly said...

ooooh i remember muddy pups.

we had a mud room. it was called : home sweet home. we wore shoes in the house to avoid the tracked in mud. no, no, no i wasn't white trash. me? heavens no. anyway, i'm off to get me a new chewing stick.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the mud war.

Jan said...

I knew there was a reason we have a cat.

MM said...

we have 3 cats too

Daryl said...

I am happy we have 2 indoor cats ...

Bubblewench said...

mud dogs are the worse.. and they do smell! that sucks you don't have a mud room.