Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just call me Betty Crocker

lately, it seems in our family there has been a tidal wave of baking.
Cami has been totally embracing her bread making skilz, blogging about Pulla and banana bread and other yummy treats.
Well today I exercised my right to bake.
MM has, in his possession, a wonderfully well loved cook book that his mother had obviously been quite fond of. Tucked in amongst the pages are recipes written in her own hand, or pulled out of magazines and tucked in. It is a treasure trove. And not just for me.
It seems to evoke lots of memories for MM as well. And one thing he has actually talked about practically since I met him was this dish called "Potesa".
We weren't sure how to spell it at first, and searched on line for it. While I was unpacking the house, and I came across the cookbook, of course I thumbed through it. And there it was. The recipe.
So we've lived here for over six months, and I finally got it together enough to attempt the recipe. To my utter delight, the base dough for the recipe is the same one used to make cinnamon rolls. (I pink puffy heart cinnamon rolls.) And to make Potesa, I only needed HALF of the base dough. So, of course there are cinnamon rolls sitting here taunting me as I type.
Anyhow. Potesa. It involves rolling out the dough, and liberally spreading out this walnut filling mixed with cinammon, and butter and honey, then rolling it up and baking it, then drizzling it with glaze and slicing it up. OMG.
fattening? Oh yeah.
I have a feeling that Potesa will be making some new friends in the near future....
thanks MM's Mom! :)


Jo Beaufoix said...

Yay I'm up to date at last. I loved the timpani story, and the stuff not to say to a nurse, and the snow covered tree, and the muddy dogs and the mugs - I really like that bliue as well, they remind me of Denby which a posh kind over here. The Mieorgaphies have been brill - I loved the Eartha Kitt one, and Holl's questions and your answers were fabulous hon. Hope you're ok. xoxoxox Oh, and looking forward to the postman story. ;D

Mary said...

Mmmmm! This sounds like a recipe that you should post! ;)


Daryl said...

OMG .. what is with all these bloggers and their recipe sharing? STOP IT ... STOP IT .. NOW ... I am gaining weight READING these stories and recipes ..


Anonymous said...

My husband will do anything for homemade cinnamon rolls.

I love baking. I definitely need to bake up something fatting and warm on this snowy morning.

sybil law said...

OMG please send that recipe or some of that there Potesa right NOW, thanks.

CamiKaos said...

yum yum yum

MM said...

and it's just as good as I remember. Now instead of just thinking about it, I can enjoy it's walnutty, cinnamon goodness... :)

holly said...

i've never ever heard of this before. how can something this nice be so unheard-of-by-me? it's not right. but if it's fattening, perhaps it's a good thing that there is some distance between me and it for a few more weeks.