Tuesday, January 20, 2009

just disturbing

Most of us that blog are book lovers. I know most of you that look at my blog are, anyhow.
We've discussed many books amongst ourselves. Harry Potter for example.
We've discussed books that have been made into movies, as well.
Many of them.
The consensus is usually disappointment.
Especially with Eragon.
That was a bad movie.

The other day, I sat down to watch yet another book that was made into a movie.
"The Other Boleyn Girl".
Though I watched the whole thing, the movie lost me almost immediately.
Here is why.
Eric Bana. Cast as Henry.

He's a fine actor, very good looking. I've enjoyed him in many other things.
But have you SEEN him?
Henry, we know from history, was a short, fat gouty red headed irritable, angry, intolerant man. NOTHING about Eric Bana even suggests that.
Oh, he tried. Those piercing looks, the tantrums. Didn't work for me.

And while we're on the subject, of people playing Henry. Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

Same problem as Eric Bana, for me.

I think Hollywood is having a problem with the image of Henry Tudor.

And in other news, Happy Inaguration Day, Everyone


david mcmahon said...

Eric Bana is a Melbourne bloke who came to Hollywood through a movie called Chopper - which is interesting, because his background is in comedy!

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Eric Bana is a nice guy, good actor, but he is no Henry V111, not in anyone's wildest imaginings. It's pretty hard to watch him on the screen and turn him into the king.

He's as tall and leggy and handsome in real life as he is on the screen. Shhh...don't tell anyone; I've served him in the restaurant I work at when he's home. :)

Daryl said...

PBS did Henry the 8th with Keith Michel ... find it .. its superb ...

Mimi said...

I love Tudor England, and agree - how hard is it to cast a redhead in the role?

TOBG was a beautiful movie, the costuming and sets were glorious. However, if you hadn't read the book, you'd be lost because they made assumptions (like what happened to Mary's husband) and if you had read the book you were totally aghast at the liberties taken.

And, the book took liberties with history, so you were like six degrees separated from the truth by this point.

But, I also think that Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johanssen were perfectly cast.

bernthis said...

Saw the movie and read the book. Unfortunately for us, Hollywood thinks that only hot men get the girls. Any one ever hear of power being a turn on? i know ugly, ugly men that get laid b/c they have money, just like Henry

holly said...

look, if there's one thing that is, and always has been, true - it's that history is how hollywood says it is. and if hollywood says henry was thin? oh yeah, baby, i believe it...


Anonymous said...

So I was totally lame and watch this movie in the theatre. I really liked the book, but I didn't really enjoy the movie. But to be fair, I guess it is pretty hard to take a dense novel and shove it into a 2 hour movie.

Mimi said...

K - I took myself to the theater to see it on opening night too.