Monday, May 2, 2011

better (ish) now

Well, things are smoothing out for me. I can walk without crying now, can mostly sleep in our bed again, and am able to do a few things around the house that make me feel productive. That helped my mental health. Plus, I was able to go in the hammock some this weekend, which was SWEET. I do still have pain issues, but they are at least improved, and I know what to do when I am having a flare up of pain. (ice, ice, baby)

As far as work, well, the general consensus amongst the people that are providing my care is that I not go back, until after Mustang Boy is born. My risk for re-injury is high, and if I get hurt on top of this hurt the recovery will be longer, and I will be trying to recover AND take care of a baby at the same time. So, unless my OB objects, which I highly doubt, then I am off work.... and I will still have a 'normal' maternity leave, too.
Mustang Boy is doing great. He moves and rolls and pokes and makes his presence known. He must not have liked being put on that monitor last week, so he makes sure that I know he is there. I like that. I am really looking forward to him making his appearance, when it is time. Meanwhile, next Friday we are having another sonogram so I can get a look at him. He'll probably be doing his circus tricks as usual.
So things are brighter, now. The sun is out, the bugs are flying, a few of my daffodils decided to bloom. It will be a good spring


sybil law said...

Well try to relax and enjoy the down time, because once that baby's here - you won't have much time to relax, then!

Daryl said...

I second Sybil!

Mimi said...

Me three.

Bubblewench said...

What they all said. And glad you are feeling better. xxoo