Thursday, May 26, 2011

here, fish fish fish....

Most of you know that MM and I keep fish tanks in the house. And that this winter was very very hard on said fish tanks.

Truth be told, I think we both kind of lost our fishy mojo for awhile because of all the fish death that occured around those power outages. I took a few chances, and got a couple fish a few times for the big tank, but the power would go out again, and the new fish always died. So, I stopped.
We still have our hearty survivors, the loaches, the cories, the four gourami, a frog. So there is life, in my big tank, at least. Unfortunately, there is also a mess, the tank needs to have all its decor taken out, it's air hoses exchanged, and a partial water change done. I have not had the gumption to do any of that. And we won't even discuss how bad the salt water tank is right now...
We did, however, finally square away our Betta tank, and get a new inhabitant for it. MM named him "Nimitz", after a famous Admiral in the Navy.
He's a beautiful fish, dark blue, with a black face, and 2 red underfins.
He's also dumb as a post.
I have NEVER seen a fish like this poor guy....
nightly, when MM feeds him, he has to show the fish where the food is, by leading him to it with his finger.
This fish hangs out on the side of his tank, where he can see himself, and tries to flare up and fight with his own reflection. I've had to turn the lights off in his tank so that he doesn't do this for HOURS at a time, and hurt himself.
We are hoping he is just a young Betta, and that as he matures, this will pass.
But it's a good thing he's pretty....


sybil law said...

Lookit that baby over there!

Fish are just dumb in general. I've never understood the fascination with them, but my husband loves them. The mess isn't worth it, to me. Eh. :)

Bubblewench said...

That's pretty funny actually..