Friday, April 29, 2011

tired of my whining, yet?

Apparently, when you strain your sacro-iliac joint and inflame it very badly, you get symptoms that mirror sciatica.

So says my rock star Chiropractor, who is very good at what he does, and did a pretty thorough, yet painful exam on me the other day. I was so messed up, there was no adjusting that could possibly be done. He told me my ligaments and muscles were already loose before the pregnancy, and that now I was 'rag doll' loose, and referred to me as "Raggedy Anne". I have a ton of relaxin rolling around, relaxing things MORE, I just can't wait...
So, what to do?
I've been sitting on ice almost non stop since a few days ago, and it has helped some. I actually managed to get a few hours of real sleep, in the BED, this morning. I've been in my recliner the rest of the time, not sleeping. I was stupid tired before that nap.
My OB took me off work for at least 2 weeks, and is talking like I may not go back at all until Mustang Boy is born. I have mixed emotions about this. Nursing is hard work, and I am obviously paying for it with my back right now. But I like the job, and the people, and the stimuli. Yet, I also like walking without pain, and sleeping...
The plan is for me to go and be evaluated by a Physical Therapist, and see what they say. I am sure that is going to be quite painful, as well, but helpful in getting me functional again, and also to make the decision about whether working any longer is feasable or not. The time off looks very attractive, but in the end, I have to work. I WANT to work.
But, Mustang Boy ultimately comes first, come hell or high water.
What a roller coaster this week is!!


Finding Pam said...

I'm sorry that you are in pain. Hopefully it will get better.

Would you please email me the baby's name again. It got deleted and I can't remember his name.

sybil law said...

So what did they decide?!

Daryl said...

SO ... what's the verdict?

Mimi said...

Oh man, prayers, love, and hugs