Tuesday, August 24, 2010

coming to a television near you

So here we are again

on the cusp of another football season.
Every year, I've blogged about how happy I am that football is starting up again. Why should this year be different?
I've figured out something, though. Its not JUST the football that I look forward to. Its what the start of the season signifies.
With the start of football season, comes FALL. I love the fall. No matter what you want to call it. Fall, Autumn, whatever. It's my favorite season of all.
The air turns crisp, the heat (usually) goes away, kids have gone back to school. Halloween, caramel apples, falling leaves, and all the smells that go with it. Thanksgiving, which I like very much, because its a get together without the stress of gift giving or too much hullaballoo.
Now, if I can just keep all this in mind, while attempting to ignore all the people jumping the gun with the commercialized stuff....
but. Football.
I do love the football!


sybil law said...

I love it, too.
Come on, Bengals!!

(Um, my captcha is corkey. Coincidence? Hahah)

Daryl said...

Sigh .. football .. yawn ... fall on the other hand gets thumbs up because it means cooler temps and less rain

Mimi said...

I'm always shocked at how quickly we go from the Dog Days of Summer to fall is in the air. My birthday is next week, and always by my birthday, fall is in the air.

I'm not a huge football fan, but I love baseball season, so I toally get it :)