Monday, August 16, 2010


Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids of my county.

It seems so quick anymore, summer does. I liked it when school started in the cooler weather of September. But, they are so worried about 'snow days' here that they overcompensate. AND, the kids get more time off during the year... so it all balances out.
Mustang Girl is going to be a Junior in High School this year.
An upper-classman.
She's going to be graduating before I even blink an eye!
I cannot believe how fast time flies. She was a little girl, I swear she was. But now she is doing things like going to the Prom, having a steady boyfriend, and (dare I even say it?) contemplating DRIVING.
Its just NOT right, I tell you.
But she does have a kick ass class schedule this year. We are looking forward to it :)


Mimi said...

Happy Back to School!

Daryl said...

So weird to think about starting school in August .. here the kids go back the Monday after Labor Day ... and school lets out Memorial Day except in HS when the kids take their Regents Exams .. NY State's idea of end of term fun

sybil law said...

Time seriously flies when kids are involved. I hate the thought that mine will be back in school. HATE it.
But to think MG is going to be a junior - wasn't she just 13?