Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Darylization

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"Yes, I am serious, I want you to polish my shoes!" said Kelly. "I know that we are broke, and this is how you are making money, but I hardly ever get to see you, anymore." Frustrated, she wiped a tear that escaped the prison she was trying to keep it in.
Jim sighed, and studied his wife over the shoe he was currently working on. Money had been very tight lately, and both of their wardrobes showed it. Neither one of them were fashion plates, exactly, but, they had really gone downhill from there.
"I know, I know, it doesn't thrill me either" he said, continuing to work on the shoe in his hand. "I miss seeing you, too, Kelly, but we really need the money. The rent just increased, and I don't want to give up our apartment. I've built up a steady stream of clients on this corner, and, this isn't so bad, really it isn't.
"But you used to work on Wall Street!" she wailed, unable to hold back, any longer.....


Daryl said...

Well at least he's keeping busy... great story

sybil law said...

Kelly is such a whiner!

Mr said...

I have a question, If the Gold fish are from New Jersey and use spray tan, If they moved to Los Angeles would they give up spray tan for Botox?