Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I hate it when this happens!

I had this great, somewhat deep topic that I was so totally going to blog.

Really I did.
Then, things happened.
Like Saturday, a good friend and I took mustang girl Prom dress shopping. THAT was fun. Except, when we tried to leave the mall, and because of very poor event planning and too many people wanting to see some X games people (I am clueless who they were), we spent 50 minutes just to get out of the parking garage.
But I still remembered my blog topic at that point.
Then Sunday, we all went to the local Renaissance Faire. THAT was fun.
Until it started raining while we were watching the cool magician with the funny accent.
But I still remembered my blog topic.....
Then, yesterday. Monday. I almost sat down and wrote that post....
but I was kind of tired from the weekend, and I needed to go grocery shopping, and when I did they had an amazing sale on Filet mignon, so of course I got some to make for dinner. Then it started snowing on my drive home, and I really needed to build a fire to make us warm.
But I STILL remembered the blog topic.
Until I got up this morning and sat down to blog, that is....


sybil law said...

Happen to me ALL the time.

Daryl said...

I feel your angst

Finding Pam said...

At least you remembered it for several days. My thoughts run in circles and I forget what I was doing.

Sounds like you had weird weekend. Snow?