Thursday, October 22, 2009

you smell!

Whats with all the celebrities that want us to smell like them?
at least, thats how I perceive it...
I was thumbing through a magazine, today, and page after page, was a celebrity, touting perfumes, or colognes.
Tom Brady, for Stetson
Halle Berry, Faith Hill AND Tim McGraw, for their own,
and lets not forget those Britney adds.
I actually blame Elizabeth Taylor.
I know, I know. She's sick, she's old....
but she has hawked SO MANY perfumes.... she kind of started this mess, didn't she?


Daryl said...

I had no idea she hawked perfume other than that one about diamonds... However you should be thankful they were just ads and not those inserts with aroma

sybil law said...

What about Linda Evans (in the Dynasty days) who had some kind of vanilla perfume? I remember that one because my aunt wore it all the time, and it always made me hungry!