Monday, October 5, 2009

Who Knew!

I try really hard not to bore you all with stories of my fish tank. (the people that live with me have no choice in the matter, but you do.)

I've come to realize that the aquarium hobby is really selective. Not everyone gets excited when my Betta eat pieces of pea, and swim around happily. No one probably cares that some asshat sold me an aggressive fish, and told me it was something else entirely, and the bastard fish destroyed my betta.
Or that I have a baby platy that was live born in my tank, named Waldo.
Or that I have three catfish that are see through. You can see their spines and their organs and everything. (its cool. MM picked them out).
there are people who do care. I went out, and found some of my own kind.
The Fish Keepers.
There are LOTS of internet fishy people out there! Fish forums run amock!
I've met some really nice people at the fish forum sites. People who specialize in certain fish, beginners, like me. Some saltwater tank people, and some Betta people.
What I wasn't prepared for was the hate.
these fish people cannot get along.
I've joined THREE different forums in the last month, because the "friends" I've met have needed or wanted to leave the forum we were in. I've not quit any of the three forums, because I am still going to them with my questions or looking for information.
(snails in your tank? Get a Golden Dojo Loach)
but rare is the day that goes by, at this point, that I am not getting private messages from one or the other saying "we are leaving this forum"
"this one did this"
"I got banned from the other forum!"
These are GROWN people.
Keeping an aquarium is supposed to be a peaceful hobby, right?
I met one lady, seems very sweet. She has some medical issues, and her heart doctor told her she had to stop getting tense over a FISH FORUM!!!
Holy hell, what kind of looneyverse did I wander in to!
I pink puffy heart all of you, my bloggy friends.
If I can't find a peaceful fish place to land, be prepared for a lot more fish talk on this blog.....


sybil law said...

Generally, internet forums of any kind are full of know it alls who can't get along well in the "real world", either. That's why they love the internet.
Have fun with the fish forums! :)

Daryl said...

Aha .. Sybil said what I was going to say .. these forums, posting boards for fanatic, er, people who love specific things - like fish or soap operas - get rabid when someone doesnt agree with them or is perceived as an Alpha (someone who will become popular or more popular than the current Alpha)

Bubblewench said...

I really hate those forums... I stay away from them! I like your Fish posts! I think it's pretty cool.

Heather T said...

Oh my word, you crack me up!

Seriously, I don't think I've read something this entertaining all day.

NanaKaos said...

Cousins Peggy and Dave used to have tanks, DK and I tended them once when they were on vacation. They had Fresh water and salt water tanks, DW "fished" for awhile too, but they all ate each other. Bad choice of tank mates. The shopkeeper said it wasn't a cannibal, but "me thinks it'were a lie!"